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Monday, December 11, 2017


If it helps Trump, then Team Trump made it happen. In this case, I don't know how such a thing could have been engineered or encouraged or enabled. All I know is that the Franken hit switched my "UltraParanoia Mode" button into the "on" position, and I don't see it turning off soon. I predict that we will have three stories: 1. The mainstream scenario. 2. A fake conspiracy scenario peddled by Alex Jones and his nazified compatriots. 3. The hidden UltraParanoid truth, which both the Alex Jonesians and the safe-n-sane liberals will hate.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


I'm still too deeply enmeshed in my Franken funk to write much, but I wanted to share a preliminary bit of research with y'all. Remember Uranium One, the Canadian firm acquired by Rosatom, the Russian energy giant? The Uranium One holdings in Wyoming -- primarily a mine called Willow Creek -- were the basis of a huge, ongoing anti-Clinton smear.

Of course, as I have frequently pointed out, if Trump were truly concerned about that mine, he could have forced a divestment a long time ago. Nobody on the right ever mentions the fact. Nobody on the left mentions it either.

I just looked up the headquarters of Uranium One in Canada. They're located in a skyscraper called the Bay Adelaide at 333 Bay Street in Toronto. The building next door, at 325 Bay Street, is the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto -- the one that was renamed The Adelaide Hotel.

(This hotel also figures in the Trump/Russia scandal. If you meet someone who still believes that Der Donald has no financial ties to Putin, show 'im this.)

A short walk away (roughly one-third of a mile) is the headquarters of Energy Fuels Inc, another uranium concern. This is the parent company for Energy Fuels Resources USA, the company that got into the news recently for playing a key role in the Trump administration's decision to scale back Bears Ears National Monument.

The thought has occurred to me -- and others -- that Energy Fuels might have subterranean links to Rosatom. The two companies are (almost literally) a stone's throw apart.

So far, I've found nothing solid linking to two firms, although a few right-wing cranks seem to think that a link exists. (They also think that any such link would damage Clinton, not Trump.)

If Trump had been Uranium One's landlord, we'd have a marvelous scandal and a fine excuse for shrieking neener neener. But he's not the landlord. Trump's ownership of the building next door doesn't offer us much opportunity for neener-ing.

Still...the geographical proximity is rather intriguing, is it not? Keep an eye on this uranium stuff. Rosatom is expanding very aggressively, around the world. I suspect that something interesting may turn up in this realm.
One small note: Trump never owned the Trump tower/hotel in Toronto. It was one of those licensing deals where someone else put up the money...
The NSA captures all communications, every single one. If there was any proof that Trump was under Russian influence it would have already been leaked.
Matt, it already has been "leaked", long ago. Why do you think there is an investigation?

Joseph, how could I forget the Uranium "scandal"? Right wingers on Facebook still bring it up at every opportunity. I always reply with your suggestion, asking why Trump hasn't forced divestment. Usually don't get a response to that.....
Hey Matt, When guys spout the same stuff as Trump and Dershowitz, I wonder why they can't come up with something better (same for Alan, who's probably a paid advocate). Too much purple Kool-Aid?

Seriously, though, you are right that all international communications are recorded, and not just by NSA; there are mountains of evidence. Have to wonder why Trump and his band of morons didn't take that into consideration.

All of this will be aired in court soon enough.
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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Still too angry to write

I'm still so angry I can't pay attention to politics. I KNEW what was going to happen to Franken days before the first accusation. That accusation came from a woman who, we now know, is a good friend of the Trump family, and who seems to have had subterranean links to Roger Stone.

I knew from the start that the Believe Women movement (or the Me Too) movement was an utterly cynical, non-organic creation of the Alt Right. (So is the BernieBro movement.) These right-wing manipulators knew how easy it would be to "assassinate" Democrats if liberal Americans could be persuaded that anything said by any woman was considered unassailable. I can imagine how Stone must have cackled when he visualized a country in which all Dems (but not all Repblicans) are forced to live in a society in which accusation equals proof. Lots of room for mischief there.

I wish I could spit in the face of every well-intentioned liberal and feminist who did not foresee, as I foresaw, where this thing was going and who was really pulling the strings. At this point, I despise liberals almost as much as I despise conservatives. Liberals are idiots. They keep falling for the same trickery. This degree of gullibility transcends the concept of innocence, because an innocence founded on foolishness is indistinguishable from complicity.

We must work up the courage to say aloud the words which seem, at first, to be too outrageous to utter. Some conspiracies are real. The only conspiracy theories that ever have any basis in reality are the ones which posit that liberals are the victims and reactionaries are the victimizers. The first to engage in the actual practice of conspiracy are the right-wing conspiracy theorists, such as Roger Stone and his partner Alex Jones. Liberals never conspire. The right always conspires. The right must engage in conspiracy in order to stay alive. If the right did not conspire -- to fix elections, to gerrymander, to manipulate mass psychology -- Democrats would permanently control all three branches of government.

Right now, only a despised, easily-dismissed outsider like myself would dare to say such words. We will continue to be victims until my "outisider" viewpoint becomes mainstream within the Democratic party.

What happened to Franken has happened before...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bullshit. I've always DESPISED these idiots who offer what I used to call the SIBPATZ speech -- the Standard Issue Both Parties Are The Same speech. I've long believed that the SIBPATS-spewers were all Republican ratfuckers in disguise.

For example, there was the time not long after Pelosi became Speaker when she would not mount impeachment proceedings against Dubya. Suddenly, every liberal website was flooded with people spewing the SIBPATS speech. They actually came right out and said that Democrats should vote the straight GOP line, just to show Pelosi.

I think nowadays these ratfucking operations should be obvious.

Similarly, it is quite obvious that YOU are a ratfucker, Mr. Anonyumous. I think I'm going to delete your comment, which violates one of my clearly posted rules.
Dems are chumps.
Hi Joseph--

Congratulations for having the mettle to call this Fresh Fertilizer out.

I thought you might find a recent post of mine interesting:


Dave Emory
Dave, we've had our problems in the past -- and you are dead wrong about Russia. (I found some interesting Alt Right comments about the Azov battalion a while back. Wish I could find that site; pretty illuminating, once you decipher the slightly-coded language.)

But BOY HOWDY are you right about this Me Too mess.

It was the perfect storm. I've (probably) lost a friend I've had since boyhood because I told him (a few days before Leann came forward) that this movement would soon be used to destroy Democrats. Naturally, he thought that I was defending Weinstein.

That's the kind of illogic which clouds the mind whenever society gets caught up in a hysteria.

I'm amazed you were able to write so well. I can't write with any style or even basic comprehensibility right now. I can barely type THIS. That's how pissed off I am.
There are two points in recent history that gave us the Great White Dope. First is Bill Clinton not reopening Iran-Contra, second is that fool Pelosi not investigating Bush the Lesser lying us into Iraq.
Trump's approvals are hanging in the low 30s, his hard core base. 70% think him a loon and yet Democrats still won't win in 2018 or 2020 and not because anything Rodger Stone or the ghost of Lee Atwater did.
You have to want to be gulled by the huckster for the con to work. I asked Santa for a chainsaw so I can fell the tree these fools are hugging so it lands on them.
Democrats are only successful by accident.
Oh, Roger Stone is a big part of why the Repubs will win in 2018 and 2020. Trump need only hang onto his base. Dirty tricks can make up the rest. The trickery starts now; the Republicans are targeting every Dem who poses a challenge to Bernie. They WANT to run against Bernie, because they have video of Bernie at an anti-America rally in Nicaragua. There may also be video of Bernie at a pro-Iran rally.
Hell, they don't need video of him in Nicaragua to destroy him. His pro-Castro video is enough to sink him in all fifty states and D.C. And don't forget about his writings about rape fantasies.
Pelosi has demonstrated that she's a chump with the talk about impeachment being impractical so don't bring it up. Heaven forbid the Dems show some character. Schumer's the accomplice, err, senator from Wall St. don't even get me started on friggin Feinstein. Clinton, Bill, wanted to privatize Social Security, Obama wouldn't investigate the Bush 2 admin.

We've seen decades of Roger Stone operations, no one learns a thing, except Stone, who gets smarter and more efficient. Probably a story there. I'm damn glad "Nadir" Nader seems to have gone senile and hope Bernie catches up with him quick. Talk about silence being golden.

So here we are in 2017 And the cops are thoroughly militarized and can shoot anyone they want. A huge portion of gun toting mouth breathers has been paramilitarized. Like the Fugitive Slave Law, they're trying to jam concealed carry down every throat in the country.

Oh, and the Dems can hardly say a thing while doing nothing at all. And they wonder why people are poorly motivated to vote.
Re that link upthread: Number 12 is total bullshit about Gloria Steinem. Shame on you for peddling that falsehood.
Hey Dave Emory, if you are reading this, I stopped reading your site because you go on and on about a dead Nazi and this dead Nazi's network but you can't even see a massive Russian conspiracy right in front of your nose? Don't tell me there is no evidence, the Russians have basically admitted it before lying about it and admitting it again... So spare me the no evidence bullshit. What the fuck is wrong with you dude? You can see a massive on going conspiracy with a dead Nazi but you can't see an ongoing current conspiracy involving a Russian dictator who has been running Russia for most of my entire life? WTF? Spitfire repeats the same old stories with the same old pictures day in and day out but you totally bypass the Russia story?!? It's like you are programming rather than informing these days. I used to listen to your audio recordings all the time and then the Russia thing happened and you kind of lost credibility with me. And if you don't believe in the Russia thing what the heck are you doing reading Cannonfire?
Another suggestion for Emory, Enough with the bullshit about the failures of the "progressive sector".... start talking about how Russia has infiltrated the "progressive sector" and the USA to destabilize it. Jesus Christ so much ratfucking and BULLSHIT going on with the left eating itself and dividing itself.

I wonder what it would look like if the Left actually UNITED and went after Republicans AND the Russians paying them all. I guess we will never know.


All of the governments of the world, reporters, spy agencies,etc., are all lying about Trump's Russia ties? Give me a fucking break you joker.

The news media gets it, unfortunately not our news media.
I doubt 'the Bernie bros' are a creation of the alt-right. First, they are real people on the left wing. They are easy to find, you can check out their background with an internet search. Secondly the 'Bernie bros' didn't choose that appellation. It was given to mock them.

The simple fact is that a lot of these 'Bernie bros' included women that have huge student debt that will likely never be paid back, and Bernie was promising to do something about it. To say that they are an astroturfing operation is an extraordinary claim when you consider the turnouts at Bernie rallies compared to the Clinton rallies.

Lastly, the alt-right is "woke but broke", as they say. The alt-right has very limited money and resources, its a grassroots movement, whatever else you think about it, without any money from wealthy sources.
The only way to deal with accusations like this is to take an absolutist stance of 'innocent until proven guilty', and also to reject any pressure to resign and condemn people that demand that the accused resign.

There were 19 women that accused Trump of nebulous "sexual misconduct" before the election and there were far too many people, both in the Democratic party and the GOP, accepting the allegations are true (most likely false, and not even a whiff of proof anyway). Trump has also been accused of "sexual assault", which is a legal term and for which no one claiming to be a victim has come forward, based on his comments about grabbing women by the you know what.

Look - I can see why you want to assign blame to the alt-right or GOP operative shenanigans, but you can look into the democratic party itself if you want to assign blame. When you have white male democrats being told on campus that they are not allowed to speak because they are white males, or if they are allowed to speak, must speak last (the progressive stack), this isn't a GOP plot. This is the democratic party in action.
I hope people in their anger never loose sight of how we get here. The sabotage of the election should never be forgotten or forgiven. Because if we do they won. And that's was all to them, it's a game to them.
Glad to see you and Dave Emory are still amicable. I am among those who are perplexed that he is unable to process the concept of pro-Russian Nazis. Certainly it seems paradoxical on the surface, but I would think that somebody who's spent hours interviewing Kevin Coogan on the subject of Francis Yockey would realize that things aren't always what they seem on the surface. Ah well...

Uhh Matt. Footnots, links, other sources. Would be a good idea.
That's the thing about Dave Emory... He has been researching for years and years and the only thing he offers up is a secret Nazi network which is doing all this bad shit but which he can never really dig up what's ultimately behind it.. . There are fight right networks in every western country... But the far right network that launched cyber attacks on the USA and which is easily manipulating the moron in the White House and shovelling money and influence to everyone around him IS RUSSIA AND PUTIN AND HIS OLIGARCHS and everyone seems to be able to connect the dots on this one except Fox News, Dave Emory, Glen Greenwald, Matt Taibi.. And a few others on the left. We know why Matt Taibi wont say Bad of Russia... He lived there. British, Dutch, German, American researchers and media all point out the connections and influence peddling between Putin's government and far right leaders in USA and Britain and Euro, money pouring into these far right groups from Russia .... and Emory kind of dismisses all of that.
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Thursday, December 07, 2017


Franken out. Moore in.

I told you that they would go after Franken two days before the first accusation. 

"Believe women" translates to "Believe Roger Stone and James O'Keefe." This whole thing has been a right-wing ratfucking operation all along. A masterful job it was, too.

Yes, there ARE real conspiracies. The right-wing conspiracy theorists are the conspirators. The only real conspiracies are the ones against liberals. 

Unless and until Democrats get that principle into their heads, they will continue to fall victim to these operations.
Shirley Sherrod, Acorn, Al Franken... When will they learn?
This is a sad day. And it's a day that will come back to bite us in the ass. If all you need do is point a finger to facilitate a political beheading then we can expect an onslaught of accusations as we approach 2018. Dems have just given the green light to more dirty tricks. It's clear to me now that yesterday's pile on was a piece of political theater, that Franken had telegraphed his decision earlier so his colleagues could take the 'high road' of moral superiority.

You know how many votes that will garner?

Zip, nada, zilch. And for what? A momentary sugar-high because . . . we're so very righteous!

Roger Stone and his cabal must be rolling on the floor. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

I knew you were right (though hoped you weren't, of course) when you made that prediction. I felt no surprise when, two days later, the first (completely fabricated) accusations came out. It seems the right has the lefts number ("progressive" left, at least). How far we have fallen since the 90's.
This is Charlie Brown vs Lucy and the football territory. The Dems not just fell but rushed into an obvious trap. As has been said before, they have now perfectly weaponized sexual harassment. You could conduct a largely anonymous smear campaign from your couch. On top of that, they've helped start to render sexual harassment virtually meaningless and began what will probably be one heck of a backlash against the #metoo movement. This is very similar to what they did to BLM.


100%! This is a terrible precedent. We have the pristine "moral high ground" but Trump is in office, Moore's going to get elected and they STILL are going to use Franken and whomever else against us. Meanwhile we've now shown that we will throw ours to the wolves without even the hint of due process. Wonderful
Very well, Mr. Cannon; what do you suggest instead?
So, over at DU some did a Twitter search for Leann Tweeden and Donald Jr. and why it looks like they've been the best of friends going back to 2011.

Funny, how this never made it into our discussions before the Dems shit-canned their own, huh?


Here is the link to the Twitter search:‘donaldtrumpjr’%20from%3Aleeanntweeden%20&src=typd&lang=en&lang=en
The two most recent accusations against Franken were as bogus as it gets. The first was an anonymous accusation by someone pretending to be a former congressional aide who claimed Franken tried to kiss her and told her “It’s my right as an entertainer.” Anyone who believes that Franken actually said anything like that should have his head examined. Politico insists that the story was "independently confirmed" by two former colleagues of the unnamed person. Question: Did Politico actually go and independently find those colleagues? Or did this person, whoever she was, provide Politico with a couple of names? If it's the latter, I'd say Roger Stone has struck again.

The second accusation was from Tina Dupuy, who said that Franken put his hand on her waist after she asked him to pose for a picture. Dupuy also said that she doesn't even let her husband touch her in public. Forget about having "high" standards -- these are the standards of the crazy guy in the parking lot at Walgreens who screams at you for looking at him the wrong way.
That's why they hate Bill Clinton so much. A resilient and a winner not working for them. Him and his wife never let Rs defeat them. 2016 they won only because they had help from the other side.
Time to do more posts about Charles Koch and his "libertarian" ideas since he owns the vast majority of the national and state GOP officials who are now trying to push his evil agenda. He owns Mike Pence and Paul Ryan, for example.

Putin is bad enough, but we have evil right here in the good old U.S.A.
Hey Joseph,

About your Moore suspicions, Beverly Nelson says she added notes underneath Roy Moore's inscription in her yearbook, but maintains that he signed it. Does that matter in a meaningful sense in terms of who the creep Moore really is? No. Does that matter in the sense you were talking about it? Yep. The "problem" is that this wasn't explained by Nelson when it was first shown to the press (hello Allred). And of course, the rightwingnuts have jumped all over it and are now treating it as a "forgery" which is ridiculous but not surprising.
Hey Joseph,

To follow up on my previous comment...pass the fukin' vodka. Did we not tell them!!!!? Moore is in, Franken is out, #metoo will be in tatters shortly and going forward they can use the most ambiguous and anonymous sexual assault claim against us as they know we will throw whomever under the bus while they laugh in our face.
Charles Pierce
Famous Dwight D. Eisenhower Quote that perfectly sums up the situation : "Stuff is fucked yo."
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Wednesday, December 06, 2017


It seems that Al Franken will quit because some woman came forward and claimed that he grab her waist as they posed for a photo together.


In the meantime, nearly everyone now admits that Roy Moore will win in Alabama.

(The secret history of this race, I've recently read, has to do with a nuclear power plant and a weird plan -- involving Michael Flynn and the former drummer for Iron Butterfly -- to move all the world's nuclear waste to Russia. No, really.)

I'm pissed off. REALLY pissed off. I'm going to spend the rest of this evening polishing off all the vodka in the house.

Did I not warn you that MeToo was a Republican plot to ratfuck the Dems? Did I not tell you two days before the first accusation against Al Franken that Franken would be targeted?

Vodka ho!

Added note. Why didn't Bill Clinton resign when he was accused of murdering Vince Foster? Nowadays, accusation = proof. 

This is especially true when the accuser is female. Women are holy. Women must never be disputed. A woman named Janis Kaighn has filed a lawsuit claiming that Donald Trump is a Communist Illuminati mafioso. She has a vagina, closed!
Your point is well taken. Not only have the Republicans weaponized sexual assault accusations, they have trivialized them. Once holding a woman's waist is sexual assault, then sexual assault is not serious. One of the reasons Trump won was that he was perceived to be a fighter (although idiots didn't understand who he was fighting for), it is about time that Democrats started fighting. Your well reasoned articles are unfortunately counterbalanced by the inane argument that Israel is planning genocide. It is not. The Hamas Charter, however, continues to call for the murder of every Jew, everywhere.
I agree with lowercase joseph: when every act of harrassment = sexual assault then the term itself is made pointless, toothless. Which coincidentally falls right into the Trump/Republican playbook. And the Dems are self-righteously dancing to the piper's tune, again. We never fail to shoot ourselves in the foot. But at least we can claim moral superiority.


What I would like to see Franken do is stand his ground, demand a public ethic's hearing and announce he would be willing to act on whatever decision is rendered. Otherwise, people will assume the worst (he was lying all the while), and the right-wing dirty trick's department will gear up for a cheap, easy and effective way to eliminate strong Democratic voices and/or 2018 candidates because: Accusation = Resignation.

Brilliant in its own evil way.

I simply do not agree with Gillibrand (who I like overall) that all sexual harassment/assault cases are in the same bag. Al Franken is not = to Roy Moore. Al Franken is not = to the Trumpster. Al Franken is not = to Blake Farenthold or John Conyers. Adults men and women are capable of distinguishing levels of offensive behavior and/or the context of that behavior. We do not need to be reduced to Middle School students, bullies and geeks alike, hauled into the Principal's office for every infraction regardless of circumstances.

As a woman, I know what sexual harassment looks, sounds and feels like. Every woman does. But I'm old enough to know there's a difference between an unwanted, sloppy kiss and a hand up my dress. This purge-mentality is not going to help women in the long run. And it sure as hell won't help the Democratic Party.

Agree with Peggysue.

Democrats, party of the circular firing squad.

This is how the GOP, the worst political party since the National Socialists has gotten the Democrats to destroy themselves.
Though Franken's case does seem strange (I have no idea how if Franken has a history of this he never did it while he was in entertainment), I will merely point out that it's possible the Senate has more information that the public doesn't know about. I may be the contrarian here, but I think there's a reason both that the Democrats didn't make Franken or Conyers resign immediately (worried about #MeToo becoming weaponized by the right) and why they are doing it now. This doesn't mean they are doing this right, though I have to admit I'm coming around to that conclusion, but I don't think the Democrats are being naive. IOW, more will come out about Franken.
Anybody who has done child custody litigation knows that allegations of child abuse are tossed around so frequently that Judges have stopped believing them. We can only hope that this country will have the same awakening. It should be evidence, not accusations that control our decisions.
All of these Democrats coming for Al Franken's head? I guarantee you, most of them will not make an effort to call people to demand impeachment of Trump for worse than what Franken did. It is a kneejerk circular firing squad on their own members in the name of a purity test they naively think they can inact on Democratic men... A purity test that even women would fail... Ask Ass Grabber Leann Tweeden. These Democrats are not so stupid as to understand that turning every look, touch, word into sexual assault will destroy the Democrats. They are just too kneejerk spineless to come up with more rational and proper guidelines and punishments that fit the "crime"... The Republican reponse has been to own up to their child rapey Russian moleness and run with it. They don't give a fuck that you openly see this side of them. They don't care what you think of them... Republican voters approve. Meanwhile on the left, the Democratic Party Has completely fractured because women say Franken touched them on the waist, butt, etc.. No proof... and some of it from rightwing sources, but All it took to splinter the Democrats was an accusation....and any infractions from a kiss to touching someone on the waist are now full on sexual assault .. Which of course makes the phrase absolutely meaningless and gives the Republicans a way to topple any Democrat they want since Democrats have chosen such a knee jerk irrational way to deal with this.

One thing I don't get, the democratic party goes against Al in favour of women's rights and in support of them. While a group of people openly advocating that the party forgo abortion rights to attract more votes and the party go out of its way to accommodate those people. They give them more seats on the table than their numbers and commitment warrant. What am I missing here. I am beginning to think democrats were invented by Rs to make life fun for them.
Anon, I'm not sure what you mean, but if you mean what I think you mean, I don't like it. I myself have argued that the Dems ought to re-welcome the nearly-extinct creature known as the anti-abortion Democrat. If Doug Jones opposed abortion, or at least late-term abortion, he'd win in Alabama.

"Then what's the difference between Moore and Jones" asketh the progressive purist (i.e., the Republican wolf in liberal sheep's clothing).

The differences would be profound. Climate change, banking regulation, immigration, IMPEACHMENT...

And here's a fun fact. Back in the days when the Democratic party allowed for the existence of anti-abortion Democrats, abortion rights were MORE secure.

Here's another fun fact. If abortion rights are endangered, the danger will come from the Supreme Court, not the Senate. A Democratic senate is more likely to place a check on extremist Supreme Court nominees.
This may be a Progressive versus Moderate issue rather than a secret plot by the Republicans.

it's also possible that Weinstein's counter spying against those who accused him may have led him to info about others. The timing on Louis C.K., just as his movie is being released along with Kevin Spacey and his movie just weeks from being released smells like a possible Weinstein revenge.

Bottom line is Neo Conservatives could take the hit once they are viewed as the "ends justify the means" religion. Vote for Trump because he gets to select the next Supreme Court justice, Vote for Moore because even an alleged sexual predator of the under age is still better than a "liberal". I don't see how long term neo conservatives can survive such insane mantra / banter.

I don't think Dems have any inside or more information about Franken or Conyers. In Franken's case, I don't think the ethics investigation was even started yet. It's the pile on effect.
I don't know why you persist in calling it a GOP plot. If you look at Roy Moore, the GOP was more than happy to see him thrown under the bus, and I bet that a lot of people, including McConnell, would prefer that Doug win.
I also agree with Peggy Sue Also Dems had help from Sanders in the self destruct dept. Maybe we neef to step up with our own attacks and not wait for them.
You may have a point that progressives are more culpable than right wing though these days it's hard to tell the difference.

Standing up for women's right to choose shouldn't be a bargaining issue. The party decided that was one of its core values along time ago. My argument was in supporting women you can't pick and choose which you can waiver on and which you decide to stand firm on. I am not excusing Al behavior or minimizing it, I just want them to be consistent and yes brave. Besides, if we start to chip away the values of the party for political expediencies where do we stop?. Don't you think there is someone somewhere who has a similar suggestion about a different issue?
We shouldn't automatically DISbelieve women's accusations, but we must not automatically BELIEVE all women, either. There are still plenty of right-wing dirty tricksters who will lure women into making baseless accusations against liberals, and I believe that's what's been done to both Al Franken and Garrison Keillor. I want to see the evidence.

I tweeted to Al Franken (@alfranken) that he should sue the women accusing him so that we could see the evidence, and that he run for President.
One accuser was offended by being touched at the WAIST???!!!

Tell Al not to resign:

Facebook: and click Send Message.
Twitter: @SenFranken
Phone: (202) 224-5641

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Notes on Manafort, Israel, the Alt Right, Sam Seder and Jack the Ripper

What a time we live in! Whenever I take a day off from writing, a hundred weird stories drop on us.

Remember when we didn't have to spend so much time thinking about politics? Remember history, science, culture, fun, art, novels, family, pets, knocking back some rum and coke? Remember stuff like that? Nowadays, I feel guilty if I take an hour off to watch Fake or Fortune.

Trump. Trump. Trump. The name has become the drumbeat of our lives. The tympani of doom. How dare you waste minutes researching lasagna recipes? Don't you know that the apocalypse threatens? Trump...Trump....Trump....


Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital was a purely symbolic gesture which will lead to very real deaths. Trump claims that he favors a two-state solution, but no Palestinian will trust him now.

His purpose, I believe, is to foment war and unrest, which will in turn enable Bibi and his fellow fascists to enact their long-planned Final Solution to the Palestinian problem.

Ironically, the anti-Semites support Trump in this. The Israel-firsters and the Dugin-loving, Jew-hating nationalists have found common cause. The ultimate goal of the neo-Nazis is a relocation (forced, if necessary) of all the world's Jews to one small strip of land in the Middle East. Once there, Jews will tell themselves: "Finally! We're safe! Jews in a Jewish land!" A sigh of relief, a moment of hubris.

Then: Nukes away.

That's the end game. The whole thing is agonizingly obvious, and any Jew who can't see it coming is an idiot. The Jews who tell themselves that they have nothing to fear from the Alt Right -- that Jewish nationalists can find common ground with non-Jewish nationalists -- are committing suicide.

Paul Manafort once struck me as corrupt but intelligent. Now, I tend to think of him as merely corrupt. His bail arrangement involved millions of dollars worth of real estate, yet he stupidly defied the court's gag order by co-writing an editorial apologia. Moreover, his co-writer was a Russian linked to Russia's intelligence community.

The big question: How did the authorities find out? We've heard some interesting suggestions, but I favor the theory that the NSA is monitoring Oleg Voloshyn (the Russin in question), and that Mueller has arranged to be notified if any such intercepts touch upon his case.

Voloshyn says that he wrote the piece on his own initiative. Yeah. Right.

Deutsche Bank is the latest target of Mueller's probe. About goddamned time. Allow me to quote an earlier post:
Trump's defenders keep saying that he has nothing to do with Russian money. Trump's lawyers have been making that same claim.

However, it is well-known that one of the few banks willing to lend big money to Trump after his bankruptcies was Deutsche Bank, which was fined for a $10 billion money laundering scheme benefiting Russians. The scheme involved something called "mirror trading," described in this fine New Yorker piece.
It worked like this: between 2011 and 2015, related corporate entities in Moscow and London bought and sold identical quantities of the same stock, through Deutsche Bank’s Moscow equities desk. By this alchemy, rubles in Russia were transformed into dollars in London. The process bypassed tax officials, currency regulators, and anti-money-laundering controls.
The head of Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackermann, was forced out by the scandal. Guess where he ended up? That's right: The Bank of Cypus -- the favorite bank of Vladimir Putin and his Russian oligarch pals. He was chosen for that position by Wilbur Ross, the Trump chum who just became our Commerce secretary, and by a billionaire crony of Vladimir Putin's named Viktor Vekselburg. It seems that Putin turned against Vekselburg late last year; they've since kissed and made up.

As it happens, Vekselburg has a partner named Len Blavatnik, worth $20 billion. Although Blavatnik made his money in Russian oil, he has strong American ties -- in fact, he owns Warner Music. He also made a seven figure donation to a Super PAC controlled by Mitch McConnell -- which explains why you should not expect Mitch to show any enthusiasm for any kind of probe (either independent or congressional) which might inconvenience Trump's Russian buddies.
Finally, a word about Sam Seder, victim of a truly evil piece of trolling by Mike Cernovich, of Pizzagate ill-fame. As Wilde said: "Quotation can be slander if you gerrymander." I feel certain that Cernovich knows full well that he has slandered Seder, just as Cernovich must have known all along that Pizzagate was a lie. These far-right ghouls have no conscience whatsoever.

Sam Seder did not say that he would approve of Roman Polanski raping his daughter. In fact, Seder is quite a bit more anti-Polanski than I am. (Way I figure it, if Samantha Geimer has forgiven him, we should follow her lead.)

If MSNBC believes that Sam Seder actually thinks that talent justifies rape, then MSNBC is run by the kind of dolts who would consider A Modest Proposal to be a cookbook.

I can guess how the Cernoviches of the world would go after me, if I were considered worthy of their attention. Here's my Blogger profile:
I'm a Democrat. That means my goal is to enslave humanity beneath the spike-heel boot of Bolshevism. We, the elite, the few, shall one day rule the planet. Until then, we gather in secret, sacrificing goats, devouring newborns, studying the ancient Goetic rites, and luring unsuspecting youths into the evil and mysterious worship of the Mighty Satan. Soon, soon, all humanity shall tremble at the supernatural power of our Dark Lord, and the puling, putrid, pious partisans of the pretender from Palestine (who died because he was weak and stupid) shall be consigned to the ovens and used to feed our dogs.
Lots of material there for a Cernovichian smear-meister to work with.

We now live in a world which forbids sarcasm unless one adds the words "I'm being sarcastic," which I refuse to do. Adding that tag insults any reader with an IQ over 90 -- a category which apparently does not include the folks who run MSNBC.

It's hard for a guy like me to find his way through this new world, since I often operate in sarcasm mode.

For example, if I ever were to encounter one of those dour ultra-feminists who believe that all heterosexual sex is rape (yes, such people do exist), my first response would be to channel the Divine Marquis: "But of course I favor rape! That is why Nature, in her sublime perfection, made Man the stronger. A week without rape is like Christmas without a buche de Noel." Ideally, I would deliver this response in a YouTube video while wearing a powdered wig and speaking in zee outRAYzhus French accent.

Similarly, if I debated an NOI member who considers all white men to be the Devil, I'd wax nostalgically about my beautifully embroidered Klan robes which they won't even let me wear in public any more. If trapped by a Zombie Catholic who can't stop talking about the need to reverse Roe, I'd offer my favorite recipe for Aborted Fetus Chocolate Torte. If buttonholed by an Ayn Randroid reciting John Galt's big speech, I'd have no choice but to shout: "The individual is nothing! The collective is all! LONG LIVE THE STATE!" And if forced to converse with a cliche-spouting socialist or BernieBro...

Well, no need to continue: By now, you understand the principle. Many people derive a nearly-orgasmic joy from fear, indignation, outrage and feelings of moral superiority. Being a people-pleaser, I am happy to satisfy their emotional requirements. If, in order to enjoy your day, you need a fiend to hate, contact me at the email address above: My rates are very reasonable.

A final thought. You know how Bernard Shaw first made his reputation? In 1888, at the height of the Whitechapel murders, he wrote an article praising Jack the Ripper:
Private enterprise has succeeded where Socialism failed. Whilst we conventional Social Democrats were wasting our time on education, agitation, and organisation, some independent genius has taken the matter in hand, and by simply murdering and disembowelling four women, converted the proprietary press to an inept sort of communism. The moral is a pretty one, and the Insurrectionists, the Dynamitards, the Invincibles, and the extreme left of the Anarchist party will not be slow to draw it. "Humanity, political science, economics, and religion," they will say, "are all rot; the one argument that touches your lady and gentleman is the knife."
What would a late-Victorian-era Cernovichian smear-monger have done with that kind of ammunition? You know the answer full well. Would the brain-dead  louts at MSNBC allow a modern GBS on their airwaves? You know the answer full well.
Hi Joseph,

Watching the obvious ongoing smear job against Franken unfold is depressing but not surprising as it's predictable how easily the Democrats get rolled. Didn't we warn them how the #metoo movement was going to get weaponized against them? Didn't we warn them that conflating any accusation from he looked at me funny to he dragged me into an alley and raped me and accepting it on a "just believe", and often anonymous, basis was open to the kind of chicanery we're seeing now against Franken?

I mean they're not even trying hard anymore as we're supposed to now just believe Franken tried to kiss somebody 3 years before he became a Senator while claiming "it was his right as a celebrity" which is a shamefully obvious variation on Trump's Access Hollywood tape line.

So now in order to avoid being accused of having double standards (oh no!) we dump Franken and others while they elect Moore and others. Uh huh.

What's even more depressing is that the next stage is also predictable. We think replacing Franken et al with women will be the answer while Roger Stone et al are going to laugh and start the same type of campaigns against them when needed and since we now accept any and anonymous claims, we're going to have to boot them too when the time comes.

Gawd, I love it when Joe gets hot & bothered.

Keep on being Joe Cannon Joe.
An ethnic group too stupid to grow a tuber that sprouts on its own left in the pantry is too stupid to get sarcasm.
These are the same people who gave us Bush the Lesser.
Anon, I've said from the start that Believe Women or MeToo is a GOP op. Franken is going and Moore is gonna take his place. This latest story is inane. What sealed it for me is that unbelievable piece of dialogue. It reminded me of the Katie Johnson Complaint -- in particular, the scene in which Trump supposedly throws money at her and shouts "Get an abortion!"

Bad fiction.

Bad fiction indeed.

I think there's an intended and unintended side effect. The intended side effect is to beat Dems over the head with their good faith like when Franken apologized to Tweeden while rewarding those who brazen it out like Moore. Guess who that benefits?

The unintended side effect is that no lawyer in his/her right mind will advise a client to settle such cases going forward. Why bother since it's going to be all over social and regular media anyway and the mob will take a settlement as an admission of guilt. Just pay the lawyer and keep the plaintiff(s) in court forever.
Democrats just love to destroy each other. I Wish Al is tough enough, but...

Here's the latest Franken accusation, IN ITS ENTIRETY:

"He immediately put his hand on my waist, grabbing a handful of flesh. I froze. Then he squeezed. At least twice."
Taking your Pussyhat to a gun fight always a bad idea. I know someone is offended I said that... Which is precisely why Democrats don't seem to have what it takes to UNITE and put up a fight against Republicans who are not so easily bruised and scattered.

All of these women who are calling for Franken to step down? Let's see if tomorrow all of these women stand up and call for Trump's impeachment for grabbing women by the privates. I DOUBT IT.. Nancy Pelosi lacking both balls and a spine will once again cry out "Impeachment is off the table!" None of these invertebrates belong in the Senate and Congress because they are too fucking weak. When attacked by Republicans these idiots self-mutilate rather than fight back.

Rachel Maddow lacking balls and Lawrence O'Donnel a spine... (O'Donell apologizes profusely to his audience just about every night that he has a dick and pair of balls instead of a Vagina) will not focus their efforts on impeaching Trump over grabbing pussy or allegedly raping a 13 year old.. But they are ALL IN with airing anonymous unsubstantiated accusations against Al Franken??? And they will bring on plenty of women on their show calling for Al Franken to be removed for fake grabbing a rightwing plant's boobs during a comedy show and hugging women by the waist or too close to their butt cheeks? Is that it??!! Jesus Fucking Christ, people have lost their fucking minds... Essentially stupid fucking Democrats are trying to create a zero tolerance purity test in which all males can fail simply by hugging someone wrong, flirting in the office, saying something too naughty for some prude,etc. STUPID DUMB FUCKING DUMBASS DEMOCRATS.

Democrats couldn't punch their way out of a wet soggy torn paper sack.

How many times has Joe Biden hugged or touched women unasked. A LOT...there are videos all over YouTube about it. BFD. So I guess he can never run for President? Not in this climate. Then there is the whole Bill Clinton thing which if true is worse than the Al Franken thing. They give Bill the benefit of the doubt but not Al Franken? Why exactly is that? The logical reason? There is no logical reason you say??? Of course there is no logical reason. Just a stupid angry kneejerk emotional reaction.

Stupid dumb fucking Democrats always taking down their own, infighting, allowing themselves to be weakened and divided. Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.

Democrats need to understand something... The Power Structure (The PussyGrabbers) does not cede power to victims, the passive (PussyGrabbed) .... This is playing out in the case of Roy Moore. Republicans are not ceding ground... They don't give a flying fuck if you perceive them to be a bunch of child raping Russian moles..... They simply don't care. Zero fucks to give. And if they had a fuck they wouldn't give you one anyways. And they are winning.

The Democrats on the other hand, (the majority of which seem to be fully invertebrate) are ceding ground by removing fighters like Al Franken over much more minor infractions and leaving passive non fighters like Nancy Pelosi and Schmucky Chucky who for some reason don't have it in them to want to impeach the primary PussyGrabber in the White House although the entire world sees him as a danger. Why is that?

Will Democrats ever learn? Recent events say no.
I think you are wrong about the alt-right position on this. Check out what they are saying on Twitter. There is virtual unanimity that this act by Trump displays the power of the Israel lobby, and that this will lead to needless deaths.

It's also worth pointing out that the alt-right is solidly anti-war, and has been from its inception.,

So the alt-right doesn't want to kill all Muslims in a new holocaust? Is there some other alt-right that you are talking about? If they actually were anti-war, why do they pick such hawkish bedfellows to represent them?

Exactly who do you consider to be alt-right? Lots of people are getting labeled 'alt-right' these days, including neo-conservatives like Benjamin Shapiro (this might be the person that you are thinking of, among others).

The alt-right is anti-war. The alt-right is currently the only major anti-war faction around. Have a look at the alt-right reaction to Trump's aggression in Syria.
Gus, I will add one more thing. You don't seem to understand the alt-right because you don't understand how it developed. The alt-right developed in opposition to the regime of the war criminal George W. Bush. Bush embodied a form of soulless chauvinism, picking fights in foreign countries, bombing the hell out of them, and then importing the victimized populations into the USA.
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Monday, December 04, 2017


As most of you know by now, Trump got himself into some unnecessary trouble when he admitted, in one of his characteristically puerile tweets, that he knew all along that Flynn had lied to the FBI (the crime to which Flynn has pleaded guilty). This admission, combined with Comey's testimony that Trump had asked him to let Flynn off, solidifies the case for obstruction of justice.

In a hilarious CYA scramble, the White House tried to pretend that the tweet in question was written not by Trump but by lawyer John Dowd, who has never before or since tweeted on behalf of his boss. Nobody believes this claim.

J.K. Rowling offered a truly magical response:
It might help to see other examples of John Dowd's carefully crafted prose. If they too are randomly capitalised, baboon-like shrieks of incontinent rage, then fair enough.
Another tweeted response demonstrates the absurdity of the Dowd-diddit claim:
As a lawyer, I can confirm that I frequently compose tweets confessing to crimes and send them from my clients’ twitter accounts. It’s the first thing you learn at law school.
This infantile attempt at evading responsibility proves that Trump has become a desperate man. He reminds me of Harry Lime scurrying beneath the sewers of Vienna. 

And now, this.
The White House's chief lawyer told President Donald Trump in January he believed then-national security adviser Michael Flynn had misled the FBI and lied to Vice President Mike Pence and should be fired, a source familiar with the matter said Monday.

The description of the conversation raises new questions about what Trump knew about Flynn's situation when he urged then-FBI Director James Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn and whether anyone in the White House, including the President himself, attempted to obstruct justice. Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russians, a probe led by Comey until Trump fired him.

White House counsel Donald McGahn told Trump that based on his conversation with then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates, he believed Flynn had not told the truth in his interview with the FBI or to Pence, the source said. McGahn did not tell the President that Flynn had violated the law in his FBI interview or was under criminal investigation, the source said.
Who is CNN's source? McGahn himself seems the obvious choice. He would not be in violation of attorney/client privilege, since he works for the White House, not for Trump. If not McGahn, then the source is probably someone who works with him.

Added note: Somehow, I managed to miss this WP story from yesterday...
President Trump’s personal lawyer said Sunday that the president knew in late January that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn had probably given FBI agents the same inaccurate account he provided to Vice President Pence about a call with the Russian ambassador.

Trump lawyer John Dowd said the information was passed to Trump by White House counsel Donald McGahn, who had been warned about Flynn’s statement to the vice president by a senior Justice Department official.
So what's next? I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Trump or Bannon advised Flynn to lie to the FBI, in order to protect Jared Kushner and (in all likelihood) Trump himself, who (judging from the Statement of Offense in the Flynn case) were conducting foreign policy before taking the oath, in violation of the Logan Act.

Meanwhile, lawyer Dowd is arguing that a president cannot obstruct justice -- period. Imagine if the reaction a lawyer for Clinton had said such a thing! If Clinton had impeded the corrupt Ken Starr probe in even the slightest fashion, the Republicans would have screamed "OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!" loud enough to shatter God's left eardrum.

Am I mistaken, or is Dowd pretty much admitting that his client obstructed justice? In what court is Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi considered a viable defense?

No more free press, thank you very much. Roughly a third of the country thinks that freedom of the press should be extended only to Breitbart, Fox News, and the Pals of Pepe:
Almost half of Americans — 44 percent — indicate that they believe the news media fabricates stories about President Trump more than once in awhile, and a substantial minority also indicate that they agree with a claim that President Trump made that the media are an “enemy of the people” (31 percent) and “keep political leaders from doing their job” (31 percent). One in four Americans surveyed (25 percent) endorses draconian limitations on press freedom (allowing the government to block news stories it sees as biased or inaccurate).
If a president can't be obstruct justice, someone should have told the House Judiciary Committee in 1974 when it approved an article of impeachment against Richard Nixon for obstruction of justice, and the House itself in 1998 when it actually did impeach Bill Clinton on that charge.

They're in big trouble and they know it.

They need a distraction.

Maybe Jared Kushner could get sent to the same prison cell his law graduate father used to stay in?
Can someone explain why they are sweeping obvious collusion under the rug in favor of obstruction?
Anon: I don't think collusion is being swept under the rug. But if the intent is to find a criminal charge that can be made to stick, obstruction of justice is easiest to prove conclusively. That was the main impeachment charge against Nixon. To this day, we have no way to prove conclusively that Nixon had foreknowledge of the break-in, although most serious students of Watergate think he did.
Just putting this out there:

Deutsche Bank gets subpoena from Mueller on Trump accounts: source

Though the obstruction case is the easier case to make, I have no doubt Mueller will bring a very fine collusion case as well.

In the meantime, prepare for chaos.
Also, unrelated to this post, but did everyone see the developments in the Gloria Allred case? One of the other Moore accusers produced a graduation card from Roy Moore with handwriting that looks exactly the same as the yearbook handwriting. Glad to see Gloria Allred's client is not a ringer after all.

It also blows up the pathetic defense of Roy Moore supporters that they would only believe the accusers if they learned the yearbook handwriting wasn't forged. Somehow they have convinced themselves that that is the hill they were willing to die on. But it looks like they'll now have to move on to another rationalization.
nemdam, the handwriting match misses the point. The people who want to test the yearbook have asked -- justifiably, in my opinion -- to test the ink. If the ink is anachronistic, then forgery is proven. If my theory is correct, then it would make sense for the handwriting to be convincing (and perhaps written by Moore himself) but in a type of ink that does not match the time period.

The REAL problem with my theory has to do with possession of the physical yearbook. It would have to be held by Allred herself. If Nelson still possesses it, and if she is "in on the joke" (as it were) then one would expect her to have handed the thing over already for independent forensic examination.
Obstruction is just a placeholder. Furthermore, I do not believe that "collusion" (it's really called conspiracy) will be the final charge.

What Mueller is going to find out (if he hasn't already, and I suspect he has) is that Trump is being controlled -- blackmailed -- by Putin, either via the sex tapes or because he owes the Russians an incredible sum of money, or both.

It seems to me that having a Manchurian President is a hell of a lot scarier thought than collusion, by at least a factor of ten. Besides, collusion with foreign powers interfering in our elections and politics happens all the time, the prime example being Israel. And nobody cares.
Controlled by Putin? You have to wonder why Trump looks set to take an enormous dump on five decades of Arab-Israeli relations by recognising Al-Quds/Jerusalem as the Zionist capital city. Even Clinton when he was being kept on a knife edge in the Lewinsky affair didn't do that.

Russia is a powerful and efficiently run state these days; it has always had a top-class intelligence service; and it has masterfully outplayed US agencies in the fifth domain of warfare for a couple of decades now. BUT there is a limit to how much power I am willing to consider to be concentrated in the Kremlin. Let's not overdo it.

The Arab League have done some amazingly submissive things over the years, but would swallowing the indignity of an alliance with the US (even against Sunni Iran) while the US recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel make it past the "Arab street"? Even now that most Arab countries have been Facebooked up, does that sound likely? Are there not some deals that some Gulf states will now tell the US and its allies to shove?

Prepare for chaos indeed, and large-scale war.

The BBC are reporting that a US recognition of Jerusalem as the Zionazi capital would be a "world first". They might as well say "Well done, Sir!" or "Billionaire US president shows the world the way forward".

Or "Yum yum, lots of profits to be made during Armageddon".

So if it's a "first", what other countries are going to follow suit? Macron's France may be on the list. And there needs to be some kind of explanation for why Germany has been ordered to be without a non-caretaker government for so many months. All the pundits nod sagely, as if it's typical for a hung parliament to lead to this kind of impasse, but what is happening in Germany is bloody peculiar.

Meanwhile US warplanes conduct exercises over and off Korea. It will only take one incident there.
It became clear to me dump wasn't conceived by only Putin.
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Will Trump get rid of Mueller? Plus: Far right subversion

There's a lot of talk going around that Trump will get rid of Mueller. If that happen, here's what you should do.

Many say that Trump can't fire Mueller because doing so would be political suicide. But if Trump is guilty, then not firing Mueller would be legal suicide. A cornered rat's gonna do what a cornered rat's gonna do. Congress can rectify the situation, but only if they feel a certain degree of "street heat" -- and by "a certain degree," I mean thermonuclear.

Hit that link. Sign up for the event in your area. You don't need to divulge anything except for an email address and a name.

Trump goes Iran-contra. Read this important piece by Charles Pierce on the "private" intel/covert ops group Amyntor, founded by the notorious Dewey Clarridge. (A little history. Some more history.) The president can order up a plausibly deniable off-the-books covert operation against anyone he chooses, foreign or domestic.

If you hit that list link, you'll read about Clarridge's role in killing Barry Seal.
Oliver North speaking to Jeb Bush and Dewey Clarridge in the 1980's: "Well, we haven't decided how we will rule his demise yet - whether it will be accident, natural causes, or suicide."
What's past is present. There's more than one way to get rid of an investigator you don't like. If anything happens to Mueller, don't buy the cover story (no matter how plausible it sounds) and bring on the street heat.

The Claremont Institute. Speaking of the Iran-contra days: Older readers will recall that free weekly newspapers like the L.A. Weekly led the fight against Reagan's cover wars in Central America. If not for the efforts of these valiant progressive publications, Reagan would have had the support needed to send in ground troops -- something he clearly longed to do.

That's why I consider this tweet by April Wolfe so disturbing.
Well, isn’t this interesting? Brian Calle, who’s running LA Weekly now, worked for years and was an officer at the Claremont Institute. Their mission statement lays out exactly how they want their people to infiltrate civic life & “defeat progressivism.” Maybe thru a newspaper??
LA Weekly editor/publisher Brian Calle is also tied to anti-choice Family Action PAC. And if you dig through his history of writing and affiliations, one thing becomes increasingly clear: He hates women.
For more on the purchase of this once-progressive publication, go here. From one of Wolfe's readers:
You do know Brian Calle is tied to #TrumpRussia right? Also, look up one of the new owners, Makarechian, and his organization called GenNext: here's a sampling of what they do (spoiler alert: they're shadow brokers):
The tweet then links to this important AlterNet story from 2015 on the Quilliam Foundation. How does this tie in with the L.A. Weekly? Follow the trail...
Corporate records reveal that the Quilliam Foundation, an influential independent London-based "counter-extremism" think-tank, has received nearly a million dollars from a US political network with close links to the neoconservative wing of the Republican Party since 2011. The network, which includes former Bush administration officials behind the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, overlaps with far-right anti-Muslim leaders who inspired Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik.
For an anti-extremist group, they seem pretty damned extreme. Lots of ties to white supremacists. Lots of ties to Islamophobes. And yet...
Yet the Quilliam Foundation’s own filings with the US Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service show that its current and former US-based directors are connected to powerful financial and political entities in authoritarian regimes, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, including a bank founded by one of Osama bin Laden’s "Golden Chain" al-Qaeda financiers.
And here's the tie-in with the purchase of the L.A. Weekly...
Quilliam’s main nonprofit corporate patron in the US, Gen Next, is founded by Paul Makarechian, CEO and president of Makar Properties. Makarechian’s father, Hadi, who is chairman of Makar Properties, is an Iranian-born billionaire who escaped to the US in the wake of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran.
Any Angeleno of my generation must be astonished to see the Weekly fall into the hands of an out-and-out libertarian like Calle. Here's a piece he wrote with Arthur Laffer -- of "Laffer Curve" ill-fame -- in praise of Putin.

Few would argue that it makes economic sense to purchase a print publication in the internet age. Therefore, one must presume that these purchases have some other motive.

For more on Qulliam, go here and here. Bottom line: We're talking about a nexus of wealthy libertarians with a neo-con edge.

As for Claremont: Wikipedia holds that they often spar with the Ludwig von Mises Institute. The main point of disagreement is rather disturbing...
The two differ radically in their opinions about Abraham Lincoln and have engaged debates about whether Lincoln should be embraced or shunned by conservatives. This controversy over Lincoln's significance to conservatives predates both think tanks, and encompasses Jaffa's debates on the subject with National Review editor Frank Meyer and scholar M.E. Bradford.
That's the world we live in today. Real power is a contest between rabid rightwingers who think that Abraham Lincoln was Evil Incarnate and slightly-less-rabid rightwingers who still consider it polite to give lip service to the ideals that Lincoln stood for -- ideals like "slavery is bad" and "the union is good."

A final note: Teevee pundits keep telling us that the Logan Act does not really count, since the law is very, very old. Well, guess what? So's the Constitution.
The statute applies squarely to Mr. Flynn. According to court filings, a “very senior member” of the Trump transition team told Mr. Flynn on or about Dec. 22, 2016, to contact officials from Russia and other foreign governments regarding a resolution pending before the United Nations Security Council that condemned Israeli settlement activity. Mr. Flynn then asked the Russian ambassador, Sergey I. Kislyak, to delay a vote on the resolution or use Russia’s veto to prevent it from passing.

The conversation between Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kislyak about the Security Council resolution clearly falls within the Logan Act’s scope. The Obama administration, frustrated with Israeli settlement activity, had chosen not to use its veto to block the measure. Mr. Flynn’s overture to Russia was thus an attempt to countermand the current administration’s decision regarding a highly sensitive foreign policy subject.
Please explain to me why this is not a violation of the law.
I think I read on another blog that Erik Prince was involved in Amyntor discussions. Because I'm using phone to comment can't easily get links

As entertaining as he can be, I'm not sure linking to Ronald Thomas West is the best idea....
It's so disappointing to hear Mahmoud Abbas use the term "peace process" when he responds to what appears to be the imminent recognition of al-Quds/Jerusalem as the Zionist capital.

"Peace process" is a Zionist term that originated in the late 1970s, denoting a sop thrown to collaborationist Palestinian leaders who want to keep talking to the Zionists while the Zionists are expanding their settlement of Palestine, including in the Jerusalem area. Now we have had 40 years in which most of the world's media have pretended that the Zionists want some kind of negotiated end to the conflict - as they continue to move their own heavily-armed supporters in, to move large numbers of the inhabitants out, and to refuse to allow the return of the even larger number of Arab families whom they had already expelled. No Israeli government has ever planned to allow the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state. If they had, it could have happened after a few months of negotiations at most.

You have to hand it to the Palestinian factions who rejected "Oslo" in the 1980s, because they have obviously been proved right.

Incidentally, Oslo was killed off for all to see when the Zionazis reoccupied West Bank towns in the few days following the 911 attacks in 2001.

Meanwhile scumbag Zionist writers (this particular guy is a barrister and a Chancery master in London) in a typical prostitution of their intellects motivated by their vile inhuman racism, are writing that Jerusalem has "been at the centre of Jewish life for 3000 years". Fucking liars!

I suggest that a suitable way for many people to respond is from now on, until the racist regime is removed, to refer to the city as AL-QUDS only, regardless of what language they are speaking.

Anyone who thinks that removing a racist regime equals slaughtering all the people who have the ethnicity that is favoured by the said racist regime should admit that their belief is well expressed by the author of the Turner Diaries and in the neo-Nazi mantra that "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white".

I really do NOT want to hear any more from people who think they would have been against the Confederacy in the US civil war but who aren't against Zionism a century and a half later.

Why the Trump al-Quds provocation now?

It's not just to detract from his legal difficulties. There are many other things he could do instead.

A third intifada is being provoked; a massive Zionist attack in the region is probably imminent; there has also been a line of development involving attacks or the idea of attacks on Christian events and symbols (including in one of the Trump-circulated video clips); a provocation is possible against North Korea; and overall one might easily reach the conclusion that things don't look good.
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Lie? Or hallucination?

A Trump tweet:
So General Flynn lies to the FBI and his life is destroyed, while Crooked Hillary Clinton, on that now famous FBI holiday “interrogation” with no swearing in and no recording, lies many times...and nothing happens to her? Rigged system, or just a double standard?
What the hell? I thought that I had a pretty good handle on most of the major Hillary smears. Just what is he quacking about here?

Billy Bush, who seems to have gotten an unfair shake, has written a fine piece confirming that Trump really did say what he said on the Access Hollywood tape, despite Trump's recent claims of forgery. Note this passage:
In the days, weeks and months to follow, I was highly critical of the idea of a Trump presidency. The man who once told me — ironically, in another off-camera conversation — after I called him out for inflating his ratings: “People will just believe you. You just tell them and they believe you,” was, I thought, not a good choice to lead our country.
Is Trump a liar, or is he hallucinating?

Perhaps he began as a mere liar, but then he discovered conspiracy theory. Conspiracism is a tool which allows one to replace an unwanted reality with a preferred reality.

Sunday, December 03, 2017


Kurt Eichenwald tweeted this graph and added these words:
If you cannot explain this chart, you do not understand the magnitude of what happened last night and why this disaster might be irreparable.
I would argue that irreparable damage was already done by the Iraq war, which cost $1.06 trillion officially, though the true cost may be $6 trillion. Many forget -- and many younger people never learned -- that one key question during the 2000 presidential debates was: "What do we do with the surplus?"

Bill Clinton got this country out of the red and started us down a path which, if followed, would have completely eradicated the national debt by 2015. This outcome would have erased the red part of the chart above. No debt = no need to pay interest payments. Yes, there would have been a period of moderately higher taxes, paid only by those best able to pay. That period would have ended years ago (if Clinton's plan had been followed to the letter); by now, everyone's tax bill would have been lowered -- safely, painlessly and permanently. Moreover, the eradication of debt would have given us greater freedom to borrow in times of true emergency.

This forgotten history helps to explain the relentless effort to smear the Clintons. If the younger generation understood what he really did (as opposed to what the Redpillers, the conspira-freaks and the BernieBros say he did), we would be carving Bill's face on Mount Rushmore right now.

The current tax bill will cause our debt to skyrocket. For the Ayn Randroids, that's a feature, not a bug. Very soon, the propagandists will swarm all over teevee and the internet, telling us that we have no choice but to slash Social Security and Medicare. I have no doubt that, even now, they are already testing the most insidious ways to word that message.

Will people fall for this ploy? Of course they will. Should any congressperson do an effective job of reminding the country that Trump and Dubya caused the debt to skyrocket, you know damned well what will happen next. If the congressperson is male, some woman will shriek: "That bad, bad man touched my rear end in 1997, so don't listen to anything he says about the national debt!" If the congressperson is female, other tactics will be employed. Perhaps this: "That bad, bad woman said something back in 1991 that might be construed as racist, so don't listen to anything she says about the national debt!"

Yes, your fellow citizens really are dumb enough to fall for these tactics.  One-quarter of Americans don't know that the earth revolves around the sun.

Democracy cannot work in an ignorant nation. I've been saying it for years: Disenfranchise everyone too stupid to understand the meaning of the word "disenfranchise" in this sentence. 

Elsewhere: To a large degree, Roy Moore has transformed the Alabama election into a debate over Gloria Allred. In effect, Allred -- deeply unpopular in that state -- is now Doug Jones' unwanted running mate.

Told you so. I knew this would happen.

From the very first day, Beverly Young Nelson (Allred's client) has showed all the signs of being a ringer. I'm not talking about any other accuser; I'm talking only about Nelson. She has served only to help Moore get elected. And frankly, I think that it is telling that the Republicans are dying to test the yearbook supposedly signed by Moore. It is also telling that Allred won't hand over this piece of evidence. I'm increasingly persuaded that the signature is fake and that Allred may now suspect that she was scammed.

On several previous occasions, I've quoted these words of Lord Alistair McAlpine, Margaret Thatcher's good friend. (Although he spoke about corporations, the same strategy is used in the political realm.)
First, create a situation where you are wrongly accused. Then, at a convenient moment, arrange for the false accusation to be shown to be false beyond all doubt. Those who have made accusations against both the company and its management become discredited. Further accusations will then be treated with great suspicion.
The trick works every goddamned time.
You can't disenfranchise stupid people because it would have to be enforced, hence it's back to Jim Crow.

Also, I don't understand that graph. It seems to be measuring growth, in that it says "Growth", but the figures for defence spending and income tax seem to be as a proportion of the total budget. So is it measuring the proportion of the budget occupied by things which are growing? No, because some things are below 0%. But income tax receipts aren't going to grow by over 7%, so it's measuring two different things in a needlessly confusing manner. So maybe I do understand it, but it would be unreasonable to disenfranchise people on the grounds that they don't understand an incompetently compiled graph.
If Ken Starr thought any of Bill Clinton's accusers credible he would have hammered him with it.
As it was Sttarr knew them to be groupies who became rape victims when offered Arkansas Project lucre.
Your post below on pro life vs choice. Ask the lifers to explain the difference between a fetus removed in a clinic and blown out of the womb in the Middle East by a U.S. drone.
Under most circumstances, balancing the Federal budget withdraws money from the economy and can contract the economy. Money is injected into the economy by either private credit expansion or deficit spending. Money is created by government spending and destroyed by taxation. The role of private credit expansion and contraction exacerbating boom and bust economic cycles is a hot topic among heterodox economists such as Steve Keen who is well worth reading. The government debt is unlike private debt--it is entirely in dollar-denominated securities that act like savings accounts and are very liquid. These securities have the full backing of the government just like a dollar bill. They are functionally close to being money. you read the modern monetary theory literature carefully, it will change the way you think about money.
Lord McAlpine's comments also apply when yo have been rightly accused of something, as was the case with George W's National Guard desertion. Notice how quickly te republicans were able to sot an apparent forgery? obviously knew about the typewriter issue beforehand, as they were involved in producing the faked letter.

The writing looks the same to me in this image in this article:

Allred & Nelson have requested a Senate investigation with the yearbook (as evidence), but it is all about who said what..and what really happened. Think it was Megyn Kelly that interviewed Allred and Nelson -where they made the claim.

I wouldn't be surprised if at least one more person comes forward. We will see. It really is up to the GOTV though... oh and there is a Republican right in candidate, so who knows. Anything could happen-more people need to know about the right in candidate.

On a bright note-their rush to pass legislation has actually decreased Corporate deductions, and many are furious (it will actually raise corporate taxes for some now), so who knows on that...we may all be saved for now.

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Saturday, December 02, 2017

A message to the purists

This post on DU deserves the widest possible readership:
To the people who keep saying "get over it" about the far-left's sabotage of our nation:

Sorry, that's not gonna happen. This is now twice that the far left has intentionally, and successfully, pushed a far-right president into office. With disastrous consequences.

Yes, of course, the GOP are the real villains. The GOP is like Jeffery Dahmer. And the Greens are going around saying, hey, Jeffrey Dahmer isn't so bad, you should let him babysit your kids. After all, the teenager next-door once smoked a joint so either way you are leaving your kids with a criminal, might as well go with the real criminal so we can all have a revolution.

If this had only happened once, if those idiots had learned from Nader's mistake, that would be one thing. Even then, "just move on" isn't really appropriate because the world is still reeling from the Iraq War and the financial collapse and other consequences of Nader's vanity run.

But the Greens and Bernie-or-Bust types didn't learn. They did the exact same thing again. Everyone who made the argument that there is no significant difference between the parties has their name stamped on this tax bill in boldface capital letters. And the tax bill is just one small fraction of the horrible things that Trump and the GOP are doing.

I'm wondering if any one of them -- Jill Stein, Chris Hedges, Cornel West, Jimmy Dore, Susan Sarandon, etc. -- will have the basic human decency to come forward and simply admit, they were totally and horribly wrong. I don't mean for them to just say that the tax bill is a travesty. I'm sure they're going to be all over media saying "the GOP has just sold out our nation to the top fraction of a percent," hoping that their feigned outrage will hide their complicity. The GOP did sell us out, but the did it with the direct help of the Greens, BoBs, and their sympathizers.

So go ahead, post as many snarky replies you want telling me to "just get over it." Call me "obsessed." Recommend that I seek psychological counseling. Insult me all you want. But I am not going to forget what the Greens and the far left have done here. And I'm not going to stop reminding people of it.
Let me add both an "Amen" and a few words of context. Although I supported Hillary unashamedly, I myself stand somewhere to her left on many issues. I also understand that in politics, as in poker, it is often the case that you can't win unless you're willing to take a risk.

But purists ask for too much of a risk. They keep betting the rent money on a pair of threes, and they hate guys like me who refuse to do likewise.

Consider, for example, the issue of climate change. If faced with a choice between a Republican senatorial candidate who scoffs at science and a Democrat who believes in science, I'll take the science-believer, even if he or she is otherwise disappointing -- or infuriating. I have no tolerance for those who, in an orgasm of virtue, snootily insist on Option Three even in the face of ecological Apocalypse. In practical political terms, there often is no Option Three.

The race in Alabama illustrates my point.

Fact: Doug Jones will lose. (Yes, I know that the latest polls slightly favor him. He's still going to lose. It's Alabama.)

Fact: If Doug Jones opposed abortion (and maybe flavored his speeches with references to Jesus), he would win.

Many Democratic activists insist that a woman's right to choose is the bedrock issue on which there can be no compromise. Any candidate who opposes abortion is anathema, even if he or she leans toward liberalism on most other issues.

The "anti-abortion Democrat" used to be a thing. Now, the species is nearly extinct.

Please don't give me the standard lecture about a woman's right to choose; I memorized that speech back in the 1970s. And I agree. The re-criminalization of abortion would be a hideous tragedy.

But: In all likelihood, that hideous tragedy will be inflicted on us by the Supreme Court, not Congress.

Suppose the choice in Alabama came down to A) Roy Moore and B) a Dem who opposes abortion and gun control but has reasonable views on climate change, net neutrality, health care and so forth. Many progressive purists would rather see Moore win than countenance a compromise.

Well, if that's the way you don't think.
It may just be numbness, but I'm feeling little emotion of this tax bill. It's actually even more monstrous than I thought the Republicans would pass, but overwhelmingly my feeling is that this is the obvious consequence of electing Trump. It is wholly predictable and expected, and it has always been crystal clear that the "leftist" purity ponies are complicit in electing GOP politicians. Note this is not criticism of the post. On the contrary, the message cannot be expressed loudly and often enough.

My only criticism is thinking Jones's abortion stance will effect any votes. Yes, when it used to be the case that a faction of Democrats were pro-life and conservatives believed a Democrat could credibly have this position, it may have made a difference. But Republicans believe all Democrats are pro-choice no matter what they say, so I'm not sure it matters anymore. This also assumes that they even really care about pro-life as opposed to using it as an excuse to oppose Dems. Either way, I assume Roy Moore will when until I actually see the election results say otherwise.
The funny thing the faces of the revolution themselves are rich. So the tax bill may work for them. Not that they are selfish or anything.
Bullshit. Berniebots didn't throw the election. Russians stole it and will keep stealing while Democrats self destruct with all of this petty squabbling.
Expect Democrats to lose big in 2018. Rather than unite they will continue to splinter into more and more subgroups... Berniebots, Vs. Hillaroids, Pussyhats vs. Penises. Just about every day a new fault line erupts in the Democratic Party's unity and the dummies on Democratic Underground and else where take the fault lines and turn them into canyons causing more infighting on DU and other left leaning sites. 🤔

Rather than dig deep on the Russian thing, the redistricting thing, the voter purged thing.... They will keep fighting the internecine Dem wars over and over again. Democrats are not as smart as they pretend to be. Or maybe it's just that the Russians and Republicans are smarter?

Divide and Conquer as they say.

Elements of this technique involve:

- creating or encouraging divisions among the subjects to prevent alliances that could challenge the sovereign
- aiding and promoting those who are willing to cooperate with the sovereign
- fostering distrust and enmity between local rulers
- encouraging meaningless expenditures that reduce the capability for political and military spending

Divide and rule (or divide and conquer, from Latin dīvide et īmpera) in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures, and especially prevents smaller power groups from linking up, causing rivalries and fomenting discord among the people.

R&R Playbook (Russian & Republican)
As you often point out, this has happened thrice (John Anderson, Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders/Jill Green).
The problem with the idea that everyone should have gathered around Clinton because she's the one who could have won is that she didn't win. Blame the purists, the Clinton-haters, the apathetic, or whoever else. These are things she knew would happen. People she knew she must win in spite of. Maybe Sanders would have done worse, but the Presidential election is a zero sum game, you win or you lose. Winning the popular vote gets you a pat on the head and a footnote in the history books.
Anon624, don't forget about Pigasus the Immortal in '68!
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Hell of a day

I picked one hell of a day to be away from the computer. No need for me to tell you that Michael Flynn has officially flipped. I'm actually starting to feel optimistic, even though optimism is against my religion.

There will be much more to say about this turn of events soon. For now, a couple of quick thoughts...

A matter of emphasis. People sometimes chide me for over-using italics. My defense: Emphasis changes meaning. Consider Michael Flynn's repeated denial of the charge that he committed treason. When a man in his position says "I did not commit treason" is he saying "I did not commit treason"? Or is he saying "I did not commit treason?"

The latter would imply that someone else did.

Flynn the younger. The elder Flynn's statements have made repeated reference to family, leading many to suspect that he did what he did to protect his son, Michael Flynn Jr., another target of Mueller's probe.

The younger Flynn is a real piece of Alt Rightist work, a red pill junkie whose addiction seems incurable. His twitter feed is a cesspool featuring retweets from professional assholes like Mike Cernovich. His last "normal" tweet, on November 30, offered a link to a site called FarLeftWatchOrg, a "Great account which tracks left-wing terrorism." Because we all know what a problem that is. (I can't find out who runs that account or the cognate website, but I would not be surprised if they have links to Jewwatch.)

When the guilty plea came down, there was a great stillness in Junior's twitter account. I was reminded of the book of Revelation: "And there was silence in heaven for the space of half an hour." Finally, Junior posted a picture of himself with his own young son, accompanied by this text:
Family is the most important thing in life.....don’t ever take yours for granted. Thanks everyone for the support.
No expressions of outrage. No fierce indignation. No ATTACK!ATTACK!!ATTACK!!! An eerie cessation of all assholiness.

My suspicion: Flynn the younger was the first to be redpilled in that family, and he is the one who redpilled his father. ("Not all Russians are bad, Dad. There's this guy named Dugin whose stuff you really should read.")

I have some sympathy for the elder Flynn, despite his obscene (and, under present circumstances, sublimely ironic) chants of "Lock her up!" We should never forget that, before his fall from grace, the elder Flynn had been in combat and had served his country well. By contrast, the younger Flynn is an Alt Right nationalistic conspiratorialist Alex Jonesian paranoiac fleck of fecal matter who deserves no sympathy whatsoever. One Flynn is a hero who has disgraced himself; the other is just a disgrace.
please stop using the term "alt-right" and call them what they really are: bigots, fascists, nazis, racists and/or white supremacists.
Way I see it, Alt Right is not a euphemism; it's just another synonym.
just seems like it adds legitimacy to their point of view that is lost in translation for the uninitiated.
Joseph, you're going soft, now? I don't tend to believe it but, "I have some sympathy for the elder Flynn... served..." For a while, true. But then things changed; not too many 3 star generals get shit canned. What happened?

Most of those general officers are fascistic and his connection with Ledeen could only have been bad. But Flynn was worse and strangly altered.

The change that came over him was so drastic that only an extraordinary explanation would fit.

I think he's a Kompromatized individual, that the Russians have got compromising material on him and lacked subtlety in using it, or his brittle narcissism couldn't survive it. He cracked up and became desperate too.

He became unrecognizable to colleagues, lost his judgment, his future, even lost that schtick so essential to military command, the officer-like bearing. Or maybe close association with Trump destroyed that. Even Chris Matthews, in a rare moment of concise, accurate reporting, described those strange campaign appearances where Flynn was "dancing around like Trump's monkey."

And then, look at the fees he was getting. When Manafort was commanding tens of Millions, poor Flynn eked out tens of thousands. Hmmm.

Whatever it is, it's quite a story.

His son's a little piece of garbage. The only good thing about his staying out of prison is that he won't be in there proselytizing his right wing stupidity racist hatred.
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Bernie/Trump link. Plus: The "trans-dimensional" origins of Pizzagate!

Roger Stone, uncharacteristically chastened, has confirmed that he used New York radio host Randy Credico as a cut-out for communicating with Julian Assange. The first person to identify Credico was Ryan Lizza of CNN and the New Yorker, back in May. Credico has now been subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee. I don't expect any bombshells...but who knows?

One aspect of the story has received insufficient attention: At the time that he was working with Roger Stone and the Trump campaign, Randy Credico was a HUGE Bernie Sanders supporter. Example. Another example.

As Ryan Lizza has pointed out in his exemplary investigation of Stone, one of Stone's primary tactics is to split the Dems along any and all fault lines. Another tactic is to assure that the Republican runs against the Dem which the GOP can most easily best. In this case, the Trumpers want to run against Bernie Sanders in 2020. According to Kurt Eichenwald, Sanders is on videotape joining in with Sandinistas shouting anti-American slogans. That tape alone (if revealed at the correct moment) will insure a 50-state rout. 

If you have a clothespin for your nose, you may want to check out the allegedly pro-Bernie site Disobedient Media, an outlet for the notorious H.A. Goodman.
Specifically, the reason the Russian interference narrative is still promulgated by legacy press is not due to any genuine concern for the sanctity of the electoral process. This is made clear by even a cursory examination of establishment media silence on the well-documented claims that the Democratic Party primary was rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor, against Bernie Sanders. If the grounds for the Trump-Russia investigation were any concern with sound voting procedure, the Democratic Primary would have been the first port of call for the legacy media machine that has so far belied their interest in the democratic process by ignoring the subject entirely.

In this author’s view, the underlying motivation fueling the Russiagate machine is the pretext it provides to destroy any individual, outlet or group that threatens the oligarchic American power structure, especially the deep state.
Uh huh. Would this be the same "deep state" that supposedly poisoned Roger Stone with polonium? (He got better, thanks to Alex Jones' health tonics.)

Disobedient Media was a strong proponent of the Pizzagate hoax: See here and here. The latter piece by DM writer William Craddick speaks respectfully of Reublican dirty trickster James O'Keefe. Disobedient Media is labeled a "pro-Kremlin" site and a fake news provider here. You should also check out this expose of Craddick and crew.

Lord H.A. H.A.: You may be curious to learn what H.A. Goodman has been up to. A glance at his Amazon page indicates that he's churning out books at a dizzying rate: But Her Top Secret Emails: Clinton’s Email Scandal and Why the FBI Will Recommend Espionage Act Indictments, published on Sept. 17, 2017; But Her Deleted Emails: Haiti, The Clinton Foundation, Possible Treason and 33,000 Deleted Emails, published on Sept. 26, 2017; The Awan Brothers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Secret Servers, Stolen Computers, and Cybersecurity, published on October 9, 2017; and Debunking the Trump-Russia Myth, published on October 22, 2017. Amazon believes that if you like the work of H.A. Goodman, you'll probably also be in the market for the wit and wisdom of Ed Klein and Mark Dice.

Yet we're still supposed to believe that Goodman is a progressive and that he has no links at all to Russia.

Satanism, sex slavery and the origins of Pizzagate. Some months ago, I tried to research the origins of the Pizzagate myth. Alas, I couldn't get very far, since the legend came together in swampy areas of the internet which I consider toxic. Fortunately, Amanda Robb of Rolling Stone has done the job I couldn't stomach: She has uncovered precisely how this particular hoax -- the "Protocols" of our time -- congealed.

The first stirrings, we learn, came from none other than Cathy O'Brien, who, since 1990-91, has been telling hilariously false yarns about her own abuse at the hands of the Great CIA/Satanism Conspiracy. Years ago, I interviewed her former husband Alex Houston, a TV ventriloquist who died this October. He told me quite a story about Cathy and her paramour Mark Phillips, whose resume might as well have the words "professional grifter" stamped all over it.

Throughout 1991, Phillips and O'Brien peddled their story to many journalists and writers, none of whom took their yarns seriously. Tellingly, they never mentioned Bill and Hillary Clinton until Bill became the Democratic frontrunner in 1992. All of a sudden, Cathy "remembered" being raped by the Clintons.

Right now, I'm glancing through O'Brien's magnum opus, Trance-Formation of America, a classic of paranoia. Every page is a howler, with long stretches of "remembered" dialogue supposedly quoted word for word. Cathy, y'see, was a mind-controlled "presidential model" sex slave, and presidential models can do that sort of thing.

All sorts of famous people show up in these pages, and they all talk the same way -- lots of puns and wordplay. Oddly enough, Cathy herself loves puns. All of her writings are filled with puns. Even the title of her book is a pun. The girl can't help it.

According to this book, the operators of the Satanic mind control sex slave operation include Ollie North, Dick Cheney, the Vatican, the Mormons, Disney, the Grand Ol' Opry, NASA, CIA, DIA, World Vision, Boxcar Willie (a country singer), Kris Kristofferson (name misspelled in the book), Larry Flynt (of the CIA), Robert Byrd, Manuel Noriega, Arlen Spector, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, William Bennett, Madeleine Albright, Daniel Ortega, Mister Rogers (!!!), various governors and other politicians and...oh hell, just everybody. Nearly all of the 'em love drugs, rape and Satan. The Disney Corporation deliberately puts mind control cues into animated movies in order to turn your children into sex robots. Of course, Colonel Michael Aquino plays a huge role in all of this. It wouldn't be a proper Satanic conspiracy book without him

According to Cathy, these are the words of Bill Clinton: "You mean I've left that state of mine? In the state of mind I'm in, there are no boundaries anyways." If you think that sounds like something Bill Clinton would actually say, you must be nuttier than a squirrel's pantry.

Here's the passage that first laid the groundwork for Pizzagate:
"Hillary, I brought you something you’ll really enjoy. Kind of an unexpected surprise. Bill ordered her out of the meeting and I look her to my bedroom and made an interesting discovery. She is literally a two- faced (referring to my vaginal mutilation carving) bitch.”

“Hmm?” Hillary opened her eyes and sleepily roused herself “Show me.”

Hall’s wife ordered me to take my clothes off while Hillary watched. “Is she clean?” Hillary asked, meaning disease free.

“Of course, she’s Byrd’s,” she responded, continuing the conversation as though I were not there, “Plus, I heard Houston say something about her being a Presidential Model, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.”

“It means she’s clean,” Hillary said matter-of-factually as she stood up. I was not capable of giving thought to such things back then, but I am aware in retrospect that all Presidential Model slaves I knew seemed to have an immunity to social diseases. It was a well known fact in the circles I was sexually passed around in that government level mind-controlled sex slaves were “clean” to the degree that none of my abusers took precautions such as wearing condoms.

Hall’s wife patted the bed and instructed me to display the mutilation. Hillary exclaimed, “God!” and immediately began performing oral sex on me. Apparently aroused by the carving in my vagina, Hillary stood up and quickly peeled out of her matronly nylon panties and pantyhose. Uninhibited despite a long day in the hot sun, she gasped, “Eat me, oh, god, eat me now.” I had no choice but to comply with her orders, and Bill Hall’s wife made no move to join me in my distasteful task. Hillary had resumed examining my hideous mutilation and performing oral sex on me when Bill Clinton walked in. Hillary lifted her head to ask, “How’d it go?”
Believe it or not, this land is filled with people who take this nonsense seriously. One such personage has the ear of the current president: Alex Jones. He has featured Cathy O'Brien on his show.

Another Cathy fan is the divinely-named Liz Crokin, a popular YouTube conspiracy theorist and columnist who insists that Trump follows her work and communicates with her. (I don't know if that claim is true, but I would not be surprised.) If you Google "Liz Crokin" and "Cathy O'Brien," you'll discover that much of Liz' worldview derives from Mark and Cathy. To prove the point, let's look at some other headlines from Rightwing Watch:

"Liz Crokin: One Third Of The Government Is Involved In A Satanic Pedophile Ring,"

"Liz Crokin Is Confident She’ll Be Rewarded By God For Her Efforts To Expose Satanic Pedophilia",

"Liz Crokin Says Trump Critics Like Robert DeNiro, Alec Baldwin, Stephen Colbert And Michael Moore Should Be Investigated For Pedophilia."

Back in the '90s, Mark and Cathy were known only to students of the fringe (such as myself) -- and even then, only the goofiest of the fringe-dwellers (such as David Icke) took their claims seriously.

From Satanism to outer space. If Liz Crokin really does believe Cathy O'Brien, then perhaps Liz can ask Trump to verify the claims made in my absolute favorite passage from Trance-Formation of America. (In what follows, "Johnston" is former Louisiana senator J. Bennett Johnston.)
When alone with the Senator, Johnston manipulated my mind, and ultimately my beliefs and perceptions, for future programming. He referred to a picture of himself shaking hands with unknown Navy brass as he dramatically told me, "I was there that fateful day in 1943 when a hole was ripped in the fabric of time through what later became known as the Philadelphia Experiment. All those fine boys vanished along with their ship in a bizarre twist of events that parallels the Atlantis disappearances. A vortex was created in an effort to slip dimensions and become invisible to the enemy. It was a success beyond the highest expectations and launched us all into universal travel. It is no wonder at all that we have had a man on the moon. Traveling to distant planets and galaxies is Mickey Mouse stuff in comparison to the high tech wizardry of trans-dimensional travel. Trans-dimensional travel circumvents all measures of time, including distance and speed. When the fabric of time was torn, we opened ourselves up to intergalactic travel -- both in and out of this dimension -- and in and out of the future, as well as the past. We can alter the course of history by traveling back in time to alter events, or we can blast off into the future and gain wisdom and knowledge of events yet to come. We can control the future by controlling the past. At present, this is a relatively easy task according to the theory of relativity and and abilities gained through the Philadelphia Experiment. I can back an ET (extraterrestrial) myself. And our ship returned to this Earth as a spaceship. I gained the keys of the universe on that fateful day, and I carry them with me now, sharing only a Key or two at a time with those who are Chosen. You are a Chosen One (Johnston was deliberately interfacing with Rite to Remain Silent conditioning), and therefore must learn the ins and outs of interplanetary travel. Your mission is trans-dimensional. You can span infinite dimension by learning from me. Take it from me, you're going places kid."
This goes on for a while longer. Then:
Once we were airborne, Johnston accessed my sex programming personalities for his own aggressive perversion. His use of cocaine further accentuated his hyperactive demeanor as he brutally slung me around the back the small plane while he had sex with me.
Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. In order to believe Cathy O'Brien's claims about the Clintons, then you also have to believe all of that guff about the Philadelphia Experiment, inter-galactic travel, time travel, and the "disappearances" of Atlantis.

Yet many people do believe Cathy. She is all over the websites promoting Pizzagate. She has appeared on Alex Jones' program, and he took her very seriously.

If Trump really does pay attention to the likes of Liz Crokin and Alex Jones -- and Trump being Trump, I wouldn't bet against the idea -- then the outrageous mystifications of Cathy O'Brien have impacted the White House.

Finally: You may enjoy what this bonkers website has to say about Cathy O'Brien's alleged rape by Hillary Clinton...
None of the parties involved were ever investigated or charged in the matter, despite that fact that Ms. O’Brien’s full testimony (which mentions several other establishment figures as well) was entered into evidence as a submission to the August 3rd First Session of the 1977 Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee On Human Resources, United States Senate, in the Ninety-Fifth Congress. Though such a submission is made under the same weight of perjury as any courtroom legal accusation, the committee did not act on it, but instead classified it as a national security secret. This failure of action mimics that often experienced by rape victims who are sidelined by the legal process which supposedly exists to protect them, and was, for OBrien, impetus to publish her testimony publicly.
Most bullshit is earthbound; some bullshit achieves orbit. This is High Bullshit indeed.

Cathy's book was written in 1995 and supposedly relates events that took place in the 1980s; Cathy herself claims that she was a mind controlled puppet until 1989 or thereabouts. How could this material have been submitted to a congressional committee in 1977?

What used to be the fringe of the fringe of our political culture has become...our culture. Many of your fellow Americans have popped so many red pills, they've entered a state of irreversible psychosis.
It seems they missed Gene Tracy among the conspirators. Heh.

That sure reminded me of "Thanks For The Memories ... The Truth Has Set Me Free! The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-Controlled Slave" by Brice Taylor.

It's out of print so used copies are $50 now. Date for the linked 2nd ed is 1999, so the date of publication is not certain. Some interestingly credulous and rather too well written customer reviews
The story of Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien is very simple when you strip off all of Phillips and O'Briens bullshit...

First off Phillips has a background as a researcher in behaviour modification. Warning flag numero uno.

1986 TENNESSEE : According to his own account, this is how he met Cathy O'Brien... An old childhood acquaintance of Mark Phillips just happens to run into Phillips one day we are told.. This friend is Mr. Myers. Myers introduces him to a Mr. Houston. Houston is married to Cathy O'Brien. If I am reading it correctly, during this initial meeting Phillips apparently learns that Myers likes to rape and molest their own children and Cathy's daughter. Apparently no big deal because Phillips will go into business with Houston regardless of Houston allowing his friends raping Houston's wife Cathy's children. What the fuck are all these people doing together?!? A behaviour modification dude and a bunch of child rapists enter a bar. Warning flag numero dos. Keep this in mind for what comes later.

Phillips and Houston go into business together. Apparently he does not mind going into business with a partner involved in a mini child molestation ring. What business do they do? They do treasonous business with Korean guy and Chinese Ministry of Defense shipping things like stinger missiles to Libyan terrorists. Libya at time is on Reagan's embargo list. Phillips writes that the Chinese government has a big fat file they can use to blackmail him with. Hmmm.. I wonder what they might want to blackmail Phillips over? Chinese give Flaky Phillips another file that explains how the CIA and Reagan White House is trafficking in drugs, children and sex slaves. Mark Phillips can't believe what he is seeing. He needs to tell the world by golly! Chinese give him a business contract for 30 million dollars... Because Chinese Communists are nice guys.

U.S. State Department rings Phillips up and asks what the fuck he is doing?

Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien make a nice little book called Tranceformation of America which outs most of Washington DC, Vegas and Hollywood as pack of pedophiles dealing in drugs, children and sex slaves just like the Chinese told him in their Top Seckret Files.

Chinese according to Phillips apparently only major country pissing off U.S. gov by breaking Libyan embargo selling weapons to Libya... Then Phillips getting paid 30 million dollars by Chinese writes book calling all of U.S. Political and media establishment a pack of child raping pedophiles.

At this point I need a chin scratch smiley. 🤔

Years later 2010-2015 or so... Some dumbfuck fucking dad sends his teen daughter off to Pedo rapist Roy Moore's Alabammy to take a job with Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien after Cathy befriends the teen girl. Phillips and O'Brien tell the girl not to come until she is no longer a minor. Then she gets out to Alabammy and they brainwash the girl and have her get her tubes tied... I guess so Mark Phillips can screw her without creating babies that might eat into that 30 million in Chinese agent money he got. The girls mother says she sees signs of abuse and mind control in video of her daughter who is now claiming her biological father raped her as a child.

You know what? This all looks a lot like the Roy Moore, Trump, Pizzagate bullshit. Reams and reams of bullshit spooling off into infinity ... created by the actual guilty perps to cover up, distract and confuse.

Mark Phillips telling of this tale:
For those taking note... Both Pizzagate and the Cathy O'Brien mythos and all of the endless bullshit that spewed forth from both of those whopper fairy tales....both have their origins in foreign eastern based intelligence.
I did not know about a possible connection between Phillips and Moore. That claim seems worthy of further investigation.

But your analysis is WAY off. You have to learn the difference between REAL research and what passes for "research" in the conspiracy buff subculture.

There is no proof that Mark Phillips ever was a researcher in behavior modification. Now, I know about the "evidence" that you are probably now dying to bring up. Guess what? It comes from Phillips himself, and his word is of little value. As I said: There are many signs indicating that he is a grifter.

Second, there is NO evidence -- none, zippo -- that Alex Houston ever raped anyone or had any link to pedophilia. Again: I talked to Houston and his wife. You did not. NOBODY else bothered to interview them. They made the best possible impression on me. They were completely open and in my view, believable. They would have cooperated with me fully if I had chosen to write a book about this weird saga. I refrained from doing so because I heard too many stories of Mark's fondness for weapons -- and because, at that time in my life, I had decided I wanted nothing further to do with the conspiracy buff subculture.

The only claims offered against Houston come from Cathy, and perhaps from other people he has "deprogrammed." There may be other people making that claim within the SRA community, but they are not credible.

According to Alex Houston, he and Mark were business partners. Houston had a book in his home that described how to use hypnosis to stop smoking. This book fascinated Mark, who "borrowed" it and decided to be a master hypnotist -- and to use hypnosis to seduce Houston's attractive wife, Cathy. One day, Houston came home and discovered that his wife was gone, as was anything of value in the house.

Houston also said that, before he married Cathy, she had worked with a tent show faith healer. In other words, she was part of an Elmer Gantry-style grifting operation. This background leads me to suspect that she and Mark are both in on the con. However, Houston said that she believes that Cathy is fully under Mark's control, and that she really believes what she is saying.

A private detective named Char Blazer (yes, her real name -- she's married to a famous lawyer) took an interest in Mark Phillips. She told me that Cathy was examined by a female police officer in Tennessee, and that Cathy does NOT have a mutilated vagina. Nevertheless, Cathy seemed to genuinely believe that the mutilation is real. I don't know if Char was telling the truth -- she was kind of an odd duck in her own right. But the story is worth preserving.
The Clintons are both lawyers. Couldn't they have found a way to sue or stop this shit when it first started?
Tough to sue when you are a public figure.
Joe there is no link as far as I know between Phillips and Roy Moore other than the Alabammy link. Also, the account I tell above... I guess it is not clear, but I am simply retelling the account as told by Phillips in the link I gave. With my own sides notes. So coming from a liar like Philiips who knows how much is really true. But my point is that his story sounds more like the story of two perps caught up in nefarius things than it does some type of story of Heros fighting the almighty U.S. Gov.

Mark and Cathy lured a teen girl in, brainwashed her and got her to tie her tubes. Why?

Also, If you have interviews on the players you ought to post them.
Joseph, Thanks for all the interesting material.

There has been a decades long campaign of psychological operations. I suppose now it seems to lead up to where we are now, the post-truth era.

I think what you've posted on this topic is enough. Keep things focussed on political insights from the capitals involved NYC, DC, possibly Albany and Montgomery. Needless to say NJ and FLA will be producing material of note.

Getting into that swampy mess could deluge nice blog.
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What to do about the tax bill

The Republicans have us focused on nonsense to distract us from their odious new tax law. Here is what I consider an excellent plan of action.
Who have you called or written in the Senate and how did it go? I get a lot of busy signals, "leave a message", mailbox full and sometimes an actual person. This is a good sign for us. Keep doing the good work...karma will come around.

Here is a list of who to call, how to get addresses, phone numbers, a nd a link about the Tax Scam. There are scripts to read when you call as well as a list of protest events in your home zip code, and a lot of of other useful info.
Call all of them. All the numbers start with (202)224-****
Corker (TN) 3344
McCain (AZ) 2235
Flake (AZ) 4535
Collins ( ME)2523
Heller (NV)6244
Murkowski (AK)6665
Moran (KS)6521
Young (IN)5623

Call them all. If you go to Zillow for the individual STATE you can get a local address and zip to use in case the senator's phone staffer needs validation that you are a voting constituent. It works and they NEVER check. I have done it with over 400 calls in the past year. It literally takes two minutes to Google Zillow. Your phone area code doesn't matter due to cell phones. Tell them a personal story. Also, here is a useful link to share...
Let me second that recommendation. This web site is superb.

Here is a script to follow when calling a Republican Congressperson. I'm not sure that it is necessary to call many Dems. No need to follow the script exactly; thinking on your feet is a valuable skill.

(Back in the 1990s, I would call in the middle of the night and early in the morning.)

After a half-minute's worth of research, you should be able to prepare a "legend" for yourself when you pretend to be from some other state. All you really need is an address and the zip code, although there's a good chance that nobody will ask for that much. Don't be intimidated: It's fun. You'll feel a bit like James Bond, and you cannot get into trouble. Remember: The other side plays by O'Keefe Rules and Stone Rules -- which means that any little thing we do to even the score is fair.

Elsewhere: This tweet raises an important point of comparison...
MSNBC's coverage of the Lauer firing today vastly exceeds the amount of airtime Fox devoted to both Ailes and O'Reilly's termination combined. Not even close. Remember that.

Added note: Boy, is this true. I've been catching up with last night's MSNBC broadcasts. Rachel Maddow is giving Lauergate the kind of treatment normally reserved for stories like the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Even though the stories do seem damning, I do think that we should reserve final judgment until the full facts are known. (And I say this as someone who has no love for Lauer.) What if the women had previously signaled that they were interested in a fling? I'm not saying that they had given such signals; I'm saying that -- so far -- we have heard just one side of the story. Maybe my experience of the world is limited, but in my view, no guy in his right mind would drop his pants in front of a woman unless he had some reason to believe that the woman wanted to see whatever's underneath. Of course, it is also quite possible that Lauer was not in his right mind.
I think in the interest of time instead of waiting for revelations to come out we round up all Hillary's haters and investigate them. We know something must be wrong with them.
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