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Saturday, March 24, 2018

What they're not telling you about Cambridge Analytica. Plus: Why you must pay more attention to the FBI's Inspector General.

Josh Marshall, a historian who stumbled into political blogging, offers an important perspective on the Anal problem ("Anal" being my preferred term for Cambridge Analytica).
One of the most telling and interesting threads of the Cambridge Analytica story is something that gets mentioned in most of the big pieces but is seldom a focus of attention. Most of the algorthms, techniques and strategies the company eventually deployed against the UK and the US were first used for elections operations in developing countries, what we once called the Third World. The reason is key: these countries had far less legal and technical infrastructure to defend themselves against these kinds of attacks. It was basically anything goes. And if someone got upset it didn’t matter all that much since these countries are off the main arteries of global news flows and have little capacity to uncover or hold to account a shadowy British company which is actually a subsidiary of a company wedded to the British defense establishment.
One of these days, I'll reprint the "Quartered Man" chapter of Death in Washington by Landis and Freed. The text details the CIA's psyops operation in Chile, and when you read it, you'll get a very "2016" feeling. Or perhaps I should say: A very "Cambridge Analytica" feeling

In the material quoted above, the final line is of greatest importance. Cambridge Analytica may be considered an arm of MI6, staffed with personnel from the British secret services and often doing gigs for MI6 and CIA. Only a legal fiction keeps us from seeing Anal as part of Spookworld.

As the clandestine video taken by Channel 4 makes clear, Anal knows all about these legal fictions, creating new companies and subsidiaries as necessity dictates. That's why the "firing" of Alexander Nix means nothing: He can continue as before, officially employed by a newly-formed company which will quietly function as a subcontractor for Anal.

So the enemy is not Putin per se. Putin is the 500-pound gorilla in the zoo, but the zoo holds other animals. We face an even larger force -- something that links Putin to spies and manipulators in the west. A force that seeks to remake the entire world.

My name for that force is the Resurgent Fascism. Do you have a better term?

Andrew McCabe has offered a defense, although he seems somewhat hamstrung, in that he can reveal only so much at this time. If and when we see the Inspector General's report, we will be in a better position to discuss details. Until then, we have this:
I have been accused of “lack of candor.” That is not true. I did not knowingly mislead or lie to investigators. When asked about contacts with a reporter that were fully within my power to authorize as deputy director, and amid the chaos that surrounded me, I answered questions as completely and accurately as I could. And when I realized that some of my answers were not fully accurate or may have been misunderstood, I took the initiative to correct them. At worst, I was not clear in my responses, and because of what was going on around me may well have been confused and distracted — and for that I take full responsibility. But that is not a lack of candor. And under no circumstances could it ever serve as the basis for the very public and extended humiliation of my family and me that the administration, and the president personally, have engaged in over the past year.
When we consider that McCabe's boss Jeff Sessions told whoppers to Congress, it is clear that someone "on high" decided to scrutinize McCabe's record and to pretend that a mere pimple was the size of Everest.

The under-discussed factor here is the DOJ IG himself, Michael E. Horowitz. There aren't many mainstream articles about him on the net, but those that have been published usually portray him as a man of good character.

Here's an important fact that you need to know: Although 99% of the American population does not know his name, there was a time when Russian trolls fixated on Horowitz. The same sites that spread Pizzagate stories have also accused Horowitz of being a Soros stooge. This, despite the fact that he was actually something of a thorn in the side of the Obama administration, even though Obama appointed him.

The Russian propaganda attacks on Horowitz came to a sudden stop some months ago. Suddenly, tellingly, he's a good guy again -- the one Obama appointee that the Trumpists have decided they like. Compare this propaganda broadside from last December to this one, published in February. Within that short span of time, something changed. Something clicked into place.

Be warned: This IG is going to make more news, and it won't be the kind of news that the Resistance will like. It's not going to stop with McCabe.

We've seen rumblings on the right -- in those regions of the internet where lefties fear to tred -- that the IG's office is preparing an "explosive" report on Hillary Clinton, one that will justify the shouts of "lock her up." Example. Another example.

It was Horowitz who bestowed the Peter Strzok texts upon the world, giving the propagandists an enormous supply of ammunition. Remember when the Trumpist media rewrote the same outraged articles day after day for weeks, always pretending that the Strzok texts were a new story?

I'll ask the question that nobody else will ask: Did someone get to Michael Horowitz?

Remember: He would have been a key target of FSB/GRU eavesdroppers, just as he was a target of those Russian trolls. Then again, why look toward Russia? Mike Pompeo took personal control of counterintelligence at CIA. Unlike the rest of CIA, counterintelligence operatives may spy domestically. Pompeo could have ordered his personnel to learn everything about Horowitz, down to the exact length in millimeters of last Tuesday's skid mark in Horowitz' underwear. The founder of CIA's counterintelligence arm, James Angleton, acquired blackmail material on J. Edgar Hoover himself.

We all have secrets. The trick is knowing which person to pressure.
I don't think they got to Horowitz. I think they decided instead of destroying him, they will cherry-pick his exhaustive report to create their desired narrative. It's the same strategy as with the House Intel committee. Instead of kill it, they kept the investigation open but tried to spin it so that it helps Trump. Just like with the House Intel investigation, this will backfire.

I have to guard against over-excitement for this IG report. It has not gotten a lot of coverage, but I think it could be near definitive in showing how the FBI NY office was in the tank for Trump and forced Comey to send his letter. If that comes out, it would seriously weaken Trump in a way few things do.
It looks like Bob Mueller had very early access to the IG e-mail discoveries also, since he pre-emptively reassigned some of the personnel prior to their release so as to avoid potential appearances of conflict. The same with Director Wray's push on McCabe to take his vacation days and step down from doing his job.

If the IG's findings are subject to preliminary and on-going review in the DOJ, then many persons may have been in a position to leak them out. If they are not, there are still those working inside the IG process who may have done so.

So I don't think it is clear that it is the IG himself who is leaking or somehow getting this all out to the public.

There are some who think his report will contain findings unfavorable to all sides. What Rosenstein's memo analyzed about Comey's actions is true, and will probably be confirmed there. But if he reports out about the NY Field Office of the FBI, as Comey said he himself was looking into during his last testimony to the Congress as director, that may more than counter-balance what he says about Comey (and McCabe).

Factually, if not as it will be spinned.

Of course Cambridge Analytica is an arm of MI6. They've got it written all over them. I just listened to part of a BBC radio programme with Emma Bryant, described as the woman "who wrote the book on propaganda". It seems that Edward Bernays hasn't beaten the world age record and decided to wander the world wearing a dress. Bryant is a British academic. She described how Alexander Nix definitely "thinks he's one of the good guys". Right. "With critics like these", I thought. At times like this I'm so glad I'm not an academic. I'd much rather say "fuck", express feelings, and not have to show respect to what deserves to be despised.

The BBC programme mentioned "behavioural dynamics", and naughty but well-meaning Alex, and Nigel too, but curiously not the "nudge units" that for several years have been working at the heart of the British, US, German, Canadian and Singaporean governments (and probably others), inspired by scumbags like Richard Thaler and Daniel Kahneman, the worthy heirs of Herbert Spencer, H G Wells, B F Skinner, Cyril Burt, and Josef Mengele. The Psychometrics Centre at the Cambridge Judge Business School, part of Cambridge University, also deserves attention.
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Friday, March 23, 2018

If you use these words, you will help democracy die

Words matter.

Newt Gingrich, understanding this truism, once sent out a list of phrases for conservatives to use in discourse, especially when characterizing enemies. We should follow his example.

Read the following passage (from this article on Steve Bannon and Cambridge Analytica) and see if you can spot the writer's deadly error in word choice:
Steve Bannon has made no effort to disguise his intention to bring down liberal democracy and replace it with white nationalism. He’s currently on a European tour, where he’s cheered on fascism at every stop and praised Mussolini’s fashion sense—all those fetching black shirts and sharp uniforms.

Cambridge Analytica was the tool that Bannon and the Mercers built to enable their fascist utopia
In an otherwise fine passage, the ruinous phrase is, of course, "liberal democracy." Use of this term allows the right to do incalculable damage.

No doubt you are now dying to inform me that the term "liberal democracy" is correct and academically defensible. Indeed it is. I am quite aware that the "liberal" part of this phrase refers not to the liberal/conservative dichotomy currently besetting American politics, but to classical liberalism -- that is, to Adam Smith-style capitalism.

Bannon's belief system would be less popular on the right if more people understood that an attack on liberal democracy is an attack on the free market.

The term "liberal democracy" is based on the presumption that capitalism works best in a system of universal suffrage, secret ballots and freedom of expression -- a system in which both the elected representatives and the most successful capitalists must obey the rule of law. What rankles Bannon most is not capitalism so much as the very concept of democracy. He prefers a mutant capitalism divorced from democracy, a kind of high-tech feudalism which Bannon calls "Traditionalism."

All of which brings us to the main problem: How to explain this terminology to the average person?

Many Americans have never been to college, and many of those who have attended college did not study history or political science. Most Americans do not read books. Most Americans can't name the three branches of government and seem to have little understanding of what the president actually does. More than forty percent the citizenry believe in Creationism. They are easily swayed by demagogues using emotive language. These people did not mind voting for a man unfamiliar with the concept of the nuclear triad, because they themselves were unfamiliar with that concept.

Some Americans -- too many -- are worse than uneducated: They are ineducable. Amusingly, they might not take offense if you called them "ineducable" to their faces, because they do not know the meaning of the word and lack the ability to glean meaning from context.

However, they do know the meaning of the word "liberal" -- or at least they think they know.

In their world, the word "liberal" means those awful, fiendish elitists that Fox News keeps warning us about. "Liberalism" means taking money from virtuous white working people and giving it to lazy unemployed blacks. "Liberalism" means Hollywood actors who rape children and worship Satan. "Liberalism" means high taxes. "Liberalism" does not mean capitalism; it means socialism.

These are the images and the associations which fill most American minds whenever the word "liberal" appears on paper or on screen.

No argument will ever dislodge those images and associations. Don't kid yourself: Even if you you speak with the tongues of angels, you do not possess -- you will never possess -- the ability to dislodge these ingrained perceptions. You are playing a loser's game if you try to explain that language changes over time, and that the word "liberalism" has had more than one meaning (just as the word "run" can refer to something your feet do and to something your nose does).

Go ahead: Try telling most red state Americans that the phrase "liberal democracy" really means "capitalist democracy." You won't get far. Your hearers will consider you a con artist. These people have been taught since childhood that a liberal and a capitalist are two very different things -- things which usually stand in opposition to each other.

When someone like Bannon attacks "liberal democracy," most Americans presume that the target is some form of socialism

Russia's answer to Steve Bannon is the neo-fascist philosopher Aleksandr Dugin. A right clever one, Dugin is: He often replaces the term "liberal democracy" with a single word: "Liberalism." A careless reader stumbling across one of his posts might conclude that what Dugin means by "liberalism" is the same thing that (say) Ronald Reagan or Walter Mondale might have meant by that term. But such is not the case. When Dugin assails "liberalism," what he means is that he hates such concepts as equal rights, pluralism, social mobility, and the voting booth. He likes the system in Russia, where the oligarchs are chosen from "on high," as opposed to the American ideal of an entrepreneur achieving success through hard labor and clever decisions.

Newt was right. We must define the enemy through proper word choice.

So strike the term "liberal democracy" from your discourse (except when speaking to an educated audience). Make sure your readers and listeners understand that what Steve Bannon seeks to destroy is an idea called democracy. What Cambridge Analytica seeks to destroy is an idea called democracy. What the Alt Right seeks to destroy is an idea called democracy.

Cut out the L-word. It just confuses the issue.

When you employ the proper phrasing, you force even the most thoroughly-brainwashed Fox News watchers to ask themselves: Am I really willing to give up on the concept of democracy? What should replace it? Wasn't Churchill right when he said 'Democracy is the worst system imaginable, except for all the other ones that have been tried"?

Some people will answer: Yes. Let's do away with democracy. These people believe in despotism because they have puerile, arrogant dreams of becoming the Dude-In-Charge, or at least a key toady to the Dude-In-Charge.

A few intellectuals will use abstruse rationalizations to critique democracy. They will offer essays filled with historical references and impressive polysyllables. They will list the very real failings of American democracy -- slavery, war, exploitation, unwise foreign interventions and so forth. They will cite these failures as a reason to give up on the entire concept of democracy, which is a bit like citing tooth decay as a reason to get rid of one's teeth.

(Of course, slavery, war, exploitation and so forth are invariably worse in non-democratic systems, as Hitler and Stalin proved.)

Though arguments of this sort can be provocative and tempting on an abstract level, most Americans -- perhaps even many among the Charlottesville tiki-torchers -- will not want to give up on their right to vote. Even the most crimson among the red staters sense the dangers. They understand that it is better to attain change through the ballot than through armed revolution, especially in an age when drones and digital eavesdropping makes revolution almost impossible. Most of us know in our hearts that, if the ballot be compromised, the solution is to improve the system of voting, not to give up on voting altogether.

So do not say that the Alt Right hates "liberal democracy." Always replace with a simpler term: "democracy."

Here's another forbidden term: "Traditionalism."

We've allowed Bannon and other Alt Right "intellectuals" to mislead millions by using this word without offering a proper definition. I've already done so: "Traditionalism" means scrapping democracy and replacing it with what came before -- feudalism and theocracy.

Most people don't understand this fact -- and in that misunderstanding, mischief finds a nest.

When Alt Rightists use the T-word, most people think that the reference goes to the old-fashioned values -- Mom and apple pie and keeping your word and watching old John Wayne movies. They think of opening doors for ladies, of younger folk addressing older folk as "ma'am" and "sir." They think of Tevye's opening number in Fiddler on the Roof.

No. This is not that.

Traditionalism, as used by Julius Evola (Bannon's ideological mentor), actually refers to the system that kept Tevye in a ghetto -- and which ultimately put Tevye's relatives in a concentration camp.

Traditionalist philosophers festoon their ideology with all sorts of metaphysical goop, including the use of terms borrowed from Hinduism. Metaphysical goop can be seductive and enchanting. I myself am not immune to its charms, if the mood is right and I feel the need for an intellectual stretching exercise. But in the end, I tend to concentrate on the essentials.

The most important thing you have to know about the Traditionalists is that they consider the Enlightenment to be the ultimate evil.

The left-wing analogues to the Traditionalists are the post-modernist philosophers, who still have enormous influence in certain European universities. They, too, consider the Enlightenment to be the ultimate evil. This essay is not the place to explain how the post-modernists and the apostles of Evola arrived the same destination by differing (but parallel) paths; our present purpose is simply to remove the veils and reveal the beast.

The founders of this country were proud creatures of the Enlightenment. All anti-Enlightenment philosophies are conspiracies to seduce the common man into giving up his right to choose his own destiny. All anti-Enlightenment movements are schemes to eradicate equality as an ideal and to make social stratification hereditary and inviolate -- to keep each peasant mired in peasant-hood for the next thousand years. All anti-Enlightenment writers are plotters intent on returning us to the dark ages -- and in furtherance of that goal, they will tell any lie and employ any strategy.

What Bannon and his kind call "Traditionalism," we should call fascism.

The F-word is always imprecise and hard-to-define. I'm not convinced that it is the ideal term to define the apocalypse of our time. Unfortunately, no one can point to another word that does a better job. Nationalism? No. Authoritarianism? No. Populism? No no no.

Do not fear to call your enemy by his proper name: Fascism. If the enemy acts offended by that term, good. You're not going to defeat fascism if you fear to offend.

Ultimately, I do not stand with those who consider Trumpism a manifestation of Putinism. Putin himself is but one carrier of a virus which has given rise to a pandemic: The fascist resurgence.
Thanks for the 'ineducable', it gave me a laugh because it's all around me in East Tennessee. Too bad that in many cases it's willful, my siblings included.
Bill Hearn

Fascism is palingenetic ultranationalism/hypernationalism, usually (but not always or essentially) distilled through a charismatic totalitarian leader. Fascism is a type of totalitarianism. And totalitarianism is a type of authoritarianism. Where in authoritarianism (as, for example, the People's Republic of China), social pluralism and diversity are tolerated so long as political power is not challenged, this is not the case in totalitarianism or fascism. In totalitarianism, pluralism and diversity are strangled and a single truth on a plural world is imposed.

Regarding Putinism, it is not a distinct thing but a branch of a pre-existing system in Russia (formerly the CCCP). Putinism is a type of Chekism. Imagine if the CIA, NSA or some other piece of shit intelligence or state secrets agency controlled the United States. That's what Chekism is. It's when an intelligence agency, secret police or other state secret agency (ie. the Deep State) controls the levers of power (government). Chekism can be a type of fascism, as it is in the Russian Federation, where it is combined with toxic palingenetic ultranationalism.
I am discovering a lot of Trump supporters, including people with accents who came from other countries and are now citizens. The concept of democracy and voting may be the buried issue in all of this. If someone has lived in the U.S. for 50 years and is a naturalized citizen, they want their vote to count for more than someone who just came to the country, whether they came legally or not.
I think that is actually a reasonable request, and also why we are now in a civil war that won't end until another country snookers us through hacking and forces us to do what they want us to do. I fear democrats as much a republicans these days.
Wonderful essay.
@Joshua - I like your Cheka reference. Do you know Dziga Vertov's 1924 film "Soviet Toys", which was clearly an influence on Terry Gilliam of Monty Python? Those budenovka hats - admittedly not a Chekist thing and worn throughout the Red Army during the civil war - are modelled on the headgear of the legendary bogatyrs. The Cheka leather jacket was always black, like Ivan the Terrible's oprichniks' horses. Then there's the broom.
Watching the March For Our Lives coverage there was a bit about Nancy Pelosi crashing a pizza and sign making party. We are where we are at thanks to her "Impeachment is off the table" scold back in 2007. The word that will end our republic is SPINELESS.
Fascism by by another name is still the same. Porsche, Bayer, Mitsubishi, whoever, working hand in glove with the strongman's extreme nationalist government. Guaranteed profits for the war machine. We have it all but the strongman. He is in waiting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Remember when we were told that Hillary was the war candidate? Remember when we were told that Hillary Clinton voted for the Authorization of Military Force, which means that the Iraq War was ALL HER FAULT because she FORCED Bush to invade?

Remember when Lord H.A. H.A. told us that Trump was the peace candidate?

I wonder what Lord H.A. H.A. is going to say about the ascent of John Bolton to the position of National Security Adviser. Bolton is the hawk's hawk, a man who can be called a "peacenik" only in the same sense one might have called Tojo a "peacenik." You know damned well that a Hillary administration would have had no place for someone like Bolton.

The more interesting question is: Why does Putin want Bolton in that position? The Tillerson revelation taught us that Putin is the one who really makes these decisions.

The pedo question. This Daily Kos columnist correctly argues that the real kompromat on Trump was acquired not in a Moscow hotel room but in a mansion or island owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

I'll take things further: An important line of investigation concerns the source of Epstein's money, which many consider quite mysterious. After studying that matter as closely as the public record allows, I've concluded that it is very likely that he handles (or launders) money for Russian oligarchs and mobsters.

There are also articles which indicate that Epstein's underaged girls hail from eastern Europe. This trail leads us deep into the realm of the notorious Semion Mogilevich.

Virginia Roberts, the former underaged lover of Jeffrey Epstein, has revealed that these girls are used to collect blackmail material on important figures. We know that Trump and Epstein are very, very close -- far closer than the Trumpsters would have us believe.

During the election, a bogus story went into wide circulation alleging that Virginia Roberts had identified Bill Clinton as sleeping with underaged women on Epstein's island. This was a classic example of fake news, a pre-Pizzagate Pizzagate. Roberts' Complaint says no such thing -- in fact, it says the opposite -- and she has not made any further claims in subsequent interviews.

The Epstein angle can hurt only Trump.

Well -- obviously, it can also hurt Alan Dershowitz, who is aiding and abetting the attempt to get rid of the Mueller probe. One may hazard a guess as to why Dershowitz proclaimed that there is no probable cause to justify this investigation. No probable cause...? The man must be either mad or compromised. I cannot conceive of a third possibility.
A third possibility:
He is a Zionist who feels that Trump and Bolton are better allies of Israel and more willing to attach Iran.
And now 1 billion arms sales to Saudis.
I wonder who these bombs are intended for.
Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen disiminated. Iran stands in the way of Saudis domination of the region.
The U.S. involved in a war in Asia gives Putin free reign to annex the former Soviet Union territories. An unstable Middle East means a market for Russian oil in Europe.
Why does Putin want Bolton? US war with Iran is Putin's wet dream. The price of oil would skyrocket.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I blame the Deep State

New York congressional representative Claudia Tenney, explains the Ben Carson dining set scandal: The Deep State did it.
“Somebody in the Deep State, it was not one of his people apparently, ordered a table, like a conference room table or whatever it was for a room,” Tenney continued.
You may consider this assertion difficult to believe, but I find it quite credible -- for I too have done battle with the Deep State.

Just the other day, I went to the local McDonald's and found that they had stopped selling sugar-free lemonade. For a heart patient like me, sugar-free lemonade is the safest option. I had no choice but to fill up the cup with Diet Coke, which contains caffeine and carbonation. Obviously, the Deep State wants me dead.

A neighbor had thrown out some old kitchen cabinetry. Last week, I came up with a plan to use that wood for a building project. So I went to alley where all of that free lumber had sat for days -- and guess what? The Deep State had scooped it all up and hauled it to the dump, just to annoy me.

Yes, the Deep State and I are old enemies. I still wince when I recall the time, twenty five years ago, when I bought a drink for a pretty girl sitting at the bar at TGIF. She accepted the drink but barely said three words to me afterward. Her expression seemed worried and wary. Obviously, the Deep State had gotten to her. Nothing else can possibly explain her refusal to converse with me.

It never stops! Last month, I ordered black paracord via Ebay. You know what came in the mail? Green camo paracord.

Damn you, Deep State!

Mass murder. Tenney has also said: "interesting that so many of these people that commit the mass murders end up being Democrats." Indeed!

Austin bomber Mark David Conditt was a self-proclaimed conservative from a Christian family -- or so the Deep State would have you believe. Enlightened minds can see right through that ploy.
Reddit AMA with user claiming to be the Austin bomber implied that Alex Jones may be a target. A Reddit user with the name “austinbomber” hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in which he or she wrote, “There will be another explosion within the next three days ... at a prolific radio-talk show host's house.” Some participants and right-wing Twitter users speculated that this was a reference to pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Pro-Trump Twitter users amplified a theory that London Mayor Sadiq Khan orchestrated the Austin bombings to retaliate against Trump for “[standing] against #Terrorism.” In a post that was retweeted over 1,000 times, a Twitter user by the name of “Patriot Kimberlee” questioned the timing of Khan’s trip to Austin and the bombings, linking to a Breitbart article that claimed he was traveling to Austin with the intention of advocating for increased censorship.
Some Twitter users rushed to identify bombing suspect Mark Anthony Conditt as a “leftist” and member of Antifa. One Twitter handle baselessly claimed that Facebook “scrubbed” Mark Conditt’s profile because he was a “leftist.” A network of fake antifa handles that had previously pushed viral conspiracy theories about the Parkland school shooting on Twitter also spread various false identifications of Conditt. One handle shared a seemingly fake Facebook post and stated that Conditt was a member of Nashville’s Anti-Racist Action group. Another tweeted out a picture of Sen. Tim Kaine’s (D-VA) son, saying he was the Austin bomber.
And then we have the towering intellectuals over at Squawker...
Evidence Suggests the Austin Serial Bombings May be the Work of Antifa
The same author is responsible for another, equally "enlightened" piece titled "Cambridge Analytica is the Biggest Nothingburger of 2018."

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to walk to the corner store to buy some TP. I thought we had another roll in the house, but it seems that agents of the Deep State absconded with it during a covert intrusion last night. Tell me: How the hell did the Deep State manage to train the cat to do his business everywhere but the litter box? I'm a dog person. Forcing me to help take care of a cat is one of the trickiest maneuvers the Deep State ever pulled off.
Got snow shoes or you guys spared?
Anymore now I wait to see how the loons will out do their latest crazy.
Mr. Mike, those Deep State weather manipulators kept me in the house all day. Damn them to hell.
So it was those deep state leftists that conned George W. Bush into going into Iraq! I knew it! Probably also faked 9/11 to make Bush and Cheney look bad! They are behind EVERYTHING!!!!
O.M.G. The Deep State was responsible for Carson's overpriced furniture tastes?? Off with their heads! Guess it's better than blaming Carson's wife. That was down right cheesy for a man who'd really like his office to look like a hospital waiting room (his words).

Breakfast of Champions.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

PROOF THAT PUTIN RUNS DRUGS. Plus: Facebook! Cambridge Analytica! Hope Hicks! Devin Nunes!

Putin's coke jet. Here's an incredibly important story you won't read anywhere else.

Buzzfeed editor Miriam Elder put us on this trail when she offered a notable tweet:
Lol Russia used the same plane implicated in last month’s cocaine scandal to pick up the 23 diplomats kicked out of London today
This blog has not heretofore mentioned that scandal, which you can read about here and here and here. In short and in sum: For a number of years, the Russian embassy in Argentina has been smuggling drugs from South America to Europe in diplomatic luggage. The operation was run by Andrey Kovalchuk, a Russian living in Germany. Many call him Lord K.
According to investigators, he asked Ali Abyanov, a former employee at Russia’s embassy in Buenos Aires, to sneak the cocaine-packed suitcases into the embassy building, so they could later be loaded onto an official Russian plane and sent to Moscow.
Quite a few people connected with this operation have mysteriously died. "Heart attacks" galore.

No fucking way this is going on without approval from Putin. Lord K is said to have ties to "the highest echelons of the Kremlin."
Mironov alleged: 'This is a story about a drugs mafia that can give direct orders to security officers of the Russian embassy.

'This (man) Kovalchuk is connected to the Russian state.

'In one of the conversations he says that he's due to come to Argentina next time at state expense.

'Secondly, he has extremely close contacts with the top of the embassy staff.

'Next, he's been taking suitcases - filled with something - out of the embassy multiple times.

'Lastly, (it is clear from leaked conversations) he can influence appointments of ambassadors, which are always done by the country's president (Putin).

'In other words, Kovalchuk is connected not just to top Russian officials, but to those who put papers right on the president's desk.'
Makes you wonder just how much of the European drug trade has fallen under Putin's control.

This Russian language article offers more info. Google Translate is a wonderful thing, innit?
The government Il-96 aircraft, which appears in the "cocaine case", flew to London on March 20 - the day of the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the UK. This is evidenced by the data of the service for tracking aircraft on-line

The aircraft number is also seen in the broadcast, which is conducted by the Ruptly TV channel.

The IL-96 aircraft with the onboard number RA-96023 was noticed on videotapes published by the gendarmerie of Argentina on the "cocaine case". On them, the liner was loaded with suitcases with flour, which the police substituted for cocaine. The aircraft with this number belongs to the management of the affairs of the President of Russia.

A spokeswoman for the President's Administration, Elena Krylova, said that this aircraft had nothing to do with the investigation of the drug trade and suggested that the footage with the fighter number was falsified.
The audacity of these liars...! There's video of the damned jet. Elena may be considered the Russian version of Sarah Sanders.

Cambridge Analytica. Like many others, I've used "CA" as an abbreviation for "Cambridge Analytica," even though "CA" can also mean California or Canada. A Democratic Undergound wit has come up with a new abbreviation: C. Anal. Nice! Although perhaps just Anal will do.

Looks like Anal is in for rough times...
Controversial data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica has been hit with an emergency data seizure order in England following an extraordinary series of events Monday night that revolved around a TV undercover expose.
Shut it down, my British friends. Kill the beast. Cambridge Analytica delenda est. Annihilate Anal.

Facebook. And now it's Facebook's turn. From the WP:
The Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into Facebook following reports that a data analytics firm that had worked with the Trump campaign had improperly accessed names, “likes” and other personal information about tens of millions of the social site’s users without their knowledge.
Recently, though, former FTC officials have said that Facebook’s entanglement with Cambridge Analytica may have violated the company's legal agreement with the federal watchdog agency. Whistleblowers in recent days contend that Cambridge Analytica collected information about users and their friends under a since-ceased policy governing third-party apps on Facebook – then kept that data even after Facebook asked that it be deleted.

About 270,000 users downloaded Cambridge Analytica's app. But the firm was able to obtain personal information about their friends, who likely had no knowledge that their data was being collected. Roughly 50 million people may have been affected.

If the FTC ultimately finds that Facebook broke that agreement, it could fine the company $40,000 for each violation.
By my calculations, $40,000 times 50 million violations equals $2,000,000,000,000. A two trillion dollar fine would go a long ways toward covering the deficit. Obviously, this is no more than a pleasing fantasy; I mention the number simply to make you smile.

A more interesting possibility would be transforming Facebook into a public utility, democratically accountable to the people. The obvious parallel goes to electric power generation, which began as a private concern in 1882 (in New York), and which became regulated by the states by 1914. In those saner times, Americans understood that natural monopolies gave us all of capitalism's flaws and few of the benefits.

Weirdly enough, Steve Bannon has advocated transforming Facebook into a utility. Although Steverino's approval automatically makes one distrustful, I still believe that the idea has merit.

(Steverino also advocates raising the top tax rate to 44 percent, which I consider a marvelous notion. Here's the deal with white nationalists: They advocate dog-eat-dog libertarianism only as long as our society remains pluralistic. They'll transform the U.S. into Scandinavia just as soon as all U.S. citizens look like Scandinavians.)

A Facebook insider has come out with some important horror stories...
Hundreds of millions of Facebook users are likely to have had their private information harvested by companies that exploited the same terms as the firm that collected data and passed it on to Cambridge Analytica, according to a new whistleblower.
Asked what kind of control Facebook had over the data given to outside developers, he replied: “Zero. Absolutely none. Once the data left Facebook servers there was not any control, and there was no insight into what was going on.”

Parakilas said he “always assumed there was something of a black market” for Facebook data that had been passed to external developers. However, he said that when he told other executives the company should proactively “audit developers directly and see what’s going on with the data” he was discouraged from the approach.

He said one Facebook executive advised him against looking too deeply at how the data was being used, warning him: “Do you really want to see what you’ll find?” Parakilas said he interpreted the comment to mean that “Facebook was in a stronger legal position if it didn’t know about the abuse that was happening”.

He added: “They felt that it was better not to know. I found that utterly shocking and horrifying.”

Joe Conason has compared Devin Nunes to a crooked cop testifying to the essential innocence of Al Capone.
This surrender of Congressional authority to the White House bore a sad resemblance to the behavior of bogus legislatures under authoritarian regimes.

The list of what the committee didn’t do goes on and on. It made no effort to contact “relevant personnel” at Cambridge Analytica or to retrieve documents that would shed light on that firm’s attempts to obtain stolen Democratic National Committee emails from WikiLeaks, which was acting as a “cut-out” for the Kremlin. It didn’t examine the new evidence of connections between the Kremlin and the National Rifle Association, particularly the gun lobby’s generous friend Alexander Torshin, a Russian banker and politician with very close ties to Vladimir Putin. And it never brought back Erik Prince, the spooky security entrepreneur, Trump pal and brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos who convened a secret meeting with Kremlin representatives in the Seychelles Islands — and almost certainly didn’t tell the whole truth.
Hope. Remember when the mainstream press -- including many liberals -- routinely told us that Hillary Clinton "lacked transparency"? Yeesh. If she were any more transparent, she'd be a Fortean phenomenon. The Clintons don't make everyone they talk to sign lifelong NDAs -- unlike Trump, who hands out NDA the way most people hand out candies to trick-or-treaters.

Of course, Trump's intimates can (and do) leak the truth -- anonymously. That's why Trump has brainwashed his followers into believing that all stories with anonymous sourcing are frauds and concoctions. (Except when right-wingers like Alex Jones do it -- and they do it all the damned time.)

All of which brings us to Hope Hicks, who no doubt has quite a book to write, if ever she is allowed to write it.
But as time went on, it became clear that the sickness was a feature, that anyone who entered the building became a little sick themselves. And no matter how dead any of the eccentrics or maniacs or divas appeared to be, how far away from the president their status as fired or resigned or never-hired-in-the-first-place should have logically rendered them, nobody was ever truly gone. The people who were problems on the campaign or on the inside continued to be problems. The president’s taste for the other and the new was so established that the most driven among them knew that all they had to do was wait for an opening, or shrewdly create one — a weakened staffer, a particularly demoralizing news cycle — and they could worm their way back in. The madness engulfing the White House, in other words, was not just a matter of staff infighting or factional ideological rivalries, as it was often portrayed in the press, but also, in part, the result of manipulation from the fringes of Trumpworld.
Wonkette has provided the above-linked article with a snarky, MST3K-esque commentary.
Hope’s just a girl in the world. A girl who likes mints, and working out, and bakes cookies at Valentine’s Day with handwritten notes saying, “Believe in Love.” And if her messy personal life led to the unraveling of the White House, well oooopsie! Hey, don’t blame poor Hopey with the good hair.
Was Lewandowski behind the media reports of Porter’s violence towards his ex-wives? Maaaaybe!
Hope is Trump’s TRUE DAUGHTER, unlike Ivanka who, “understands that her father is gonna be dead in ten years.”
And on that cheery thought, I bid you adieu.
Unfortunately the second part of the Channel 4 report, which has rather less meat to it, reveals that CA, Canal if you prefer, used ProtonMail and had all their e-mails set to self destruct after a couple of hours.
Anyone thinking of suing FB ?
The world's two strongest powers in the domain of psychological warfare, Russia and Zionism, cooperated to help elect Trump. In France only the former backed Le Pen and she lost.

The way Zionists feel about one goy power as compared to how they feel about another doesn't vary much, even if of course some powers such as the United States and Canada have been "useful" over a long period of time. Useful, sure, but at the end of the day they're just goy powers - no Zionist will get too attached to them. There may be an exception to this, though: Russia. I'd tentatively offer the hypothesis that in Zionists' hate-filled rabidly racist minds there is an underlying hatred of Russia that qualitatively exceeds the feelings that are felt towards all the other mainly white goy nations, even Poland and even Germany. (Ukraine is in the same category as Russia, since this goes back to the days of the Russian empire and the USSR. What I'm talking about doesn't reduce to borders a map. But Ukraine has little or no international influence.)

If one of the first countries in which WW3 starts before the summer of 2018 is Syria, as seems probable, it's extremely unlikely that Israel won't openly participate. And if they do, Russia will be on the other side.

At its higher levels, the "Russian" mafia is largely (but by no means exclusively) Jewish. So far the Russians (and Georgians, Central Asians, etc.) in that mafia world have cooperated fine with its Jewish figures, just as in New York and Las Vegas the Sicilians cooperated fine with the Jews too (while they both hated the Irish). If there has been an important spectrum in the "Russian" mafia, it hasn't been from Russians to Jews. On the contrary, it's been between Jews who still have a lot of investments in Russia and Jews who have moved more or less completely out, e.g. Nevzlin. And there are various points in the middle of the spectrum too: for example, Abramovich has considerable investments in London but is by no means PNG in Moscow, and even Berezovsky kept some investments in Russia, such as the influential business newspaper Kommersant, until long after he had left the country.

It's great to see FascBook take some knocks; hopefully Google will too. Opposing one without the other would be akin to opposing Mussolini and Franco while not having any criticism to offer of Hitler.

I can appreciate your criticisms of Zionism and Semitic racism (Judaism is after all based upon the racist myth of 'divine chosenness', the idea that a 'one, true' God would choose a race/ethnicity over all others). However, what are you talking about WW3 re: Syria being "probable"?

Things in Syria have quieted down, however dissatisfied the League of Extraordinary Evil (United States, State of Israel, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, European Union and their ilk) may be with the inconclusion of the Syrian war. Bashar al-Assad and his Ba'athist goons remain in power, Daesh served as enough of a distraction and has been thoroughly eradicated. Russian military personnel and bases in Syria serve as a deterrent from Allied-Coalition invasion. It looks as though Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Ba'athists have won their place. The Syrian Ba'athist government is now a geopolitical reality. What makes WW3 probable at all?

New World Order is always just around the corner, even though the world continues to be singularly unipolar with the United States of Israel.

World War 3 is always just around the corner.

Along with the return of Jesus of Nazareth, yeah? *snark*
Anon @ 5:25 shareholders are suing Facebook in a Cali court for actions that decreased stock value.
@Joshua - Here in Britain there's a crescendo that seems to be pointing WW3-wards. There have been diplomatic expulsions before, but none where politicians and media have calmly mooted cyberattacking Russia. There was Valery Gerasimov's statement too that the US is planning to respond to a falsely-attributed chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta by striking where Russian forces are in Damascus. True that Daesh aren't a major player in Syria any more, but there's still Al Qaeda.
Look who has pitched in to the Skripal story: Judith Miller! Her website. Unless someone knows differently, it's presumably the same Judith Miller who is quoted in this article in the Sun, accusing the Russian government of having carried out obscene experiments on dogs in the testing of Novichok.
There's some useful Bannon-CA-UKIP history here and here that might be of interest to people.
Perhaps I don't get out enough but I am blown away by the Textfire website. Incredibly detailed, readable, and (as far as my poor judgement is concerned) remarkably insightful and free from bias. See here and here.
Erik Prince is chair of a Chinese company, Frontier Services Group with contracts with Emerdata, a company directed by Computer Analytica's Alexander Nix. Frontier services provides private militias, military equipment, mercenaries and thugs for hire...Chinese manufactured fentanyl makes it to the West and is accelerating opioid deaths in U.S...
Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Destroy Cambridge Analytica!

Everyone who has ever worked for or with Cambridge Analytica -- even the receptionists and janitors -- deserves to be BULLWHIPPED INTO A BLOODY PILE OF SHREDDED MEAT. Even the file clerks would be well-served if red laser dots suddenly decorated  their foreheads.

Shut it down, my British friends. SHUT IT DOWN.

The American government is already largely under fascist control; it may already be too late for us. Trump will soon end the Mueller investigation and Congress won't stop him. The 2018 elections cannot save us: One of the revelations of the Corn/Isikoff book Russian Roulette is that Russia has, in all likelihood, already compromised our vote tabulation systems, just as Russia has already compromised our power and air traffic control systems. Obama knew about all of this, but -- for reasons explained in the book -- feared to tell the public.

This country may already be doomed.

But freedom still lives in the UK. Don't let what happened to us happen to you.

Did you see Dunkirk? Darkest Hour? That fight continues. That fight is now yours, my British friends.

If you don't want a British version of Trumpism to destroy your country, if you don't want Lord Haw Haw to have the last laugh, shut down Cambridge Analytica. NOW. Fearlessly investigate the MI6 connection. Anyone who has ever worked in any capacity for Cambridge Analytica must be forbidden -- forever -- from having any further access to classified materials.

No recent story is as important as this one:
In an undercover investigation by Channel 4 News, the company’s chief executive Alexander Nix said the British firm secretly campaigns in elections across the world. This includes operating through a web of shadowy front companies, or by using sub-contractors.

In one exchange, when asked about digging up material on political opponents, Mr Nix said they could “send some girls around to the candidate’s house”, adding that Ukrainian girls “are very beautiful, I find that works very well”.

In another he said: “We’ll offer a large amount of money to the candidate, to finance his campaign in exchange for land for instance, we’ll have the whole thing recorded, we’ll blank out the face of our guy and we post it on the Internet.”

Offering bribes to public officials is an offence under both the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Cambridge Analytica operates in the UK and is registered in the United States.

The admissions were filmed at a series of meetings at London hotels over four months, between November 2017 and January 2018. An undercover reporter for Channel 4 News posed as a fixer for a wealthy client hoping to get candidates elected in Sri Lanka.

Mr Nix told our reporter: “...we’re used to operating through different vehicles, in the shadows, and I look forward to building a very long-term and secretive relationship with you.”
Of course our politicians have been subjected to sexual entrapment operations. I'll name one likely target: Devin Nunes.

Nix and his pal from St. Petersburg, "Dr. Spectre" (Aleksandr Kogan) are monsters. Do not believe one word they say. There is no need to listen to their side of the story, because they don't have a side. They are professional deceivers, devoted to the goal of destroying democracy.

If you live in the UK, you would be doing the work of the angels if you could concoct a plan to blow up the building (without doing harm to the innocent). I'm quite serious. I will never retract that statement. The address is 55 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1BS, UK.

The people who work in that building are plotters and manipulators looking to undermine the very concept of democracy. On a moral level, destroying Cambridge Analytica is the same as bombing Berlin in WWII.


And for God's sake, stop using Facebook. Call it Fascistbook.

Steve Bannon -- a Cambridge Analytica bigwig -- is a fascist, even if he's too chickenshit to use that word. He praises Mussolini and Nazi theoretician Julius Evola. Bannon calls himself a "Traditionalist" without telling you that, in the lexicon of his hero Evola, "Traditionalism" means "let's go back to the way things were before democracy."

The whistleblower in the video below reveals that Bannon wanted to use Cambridge Analytica to brainwash the masses unto accepting his (Bannon's) anti-democratic, pro-fascist views.


Protest. March. Strike. Scream. Shout. Demand action. The situation is dire enough to justify acts of violence. Investigate and imprison every spook and government official who ever had anything to do with Cambridge Analytica.

What a typo!! Cambridge Analytica's address in Britain is at number 55 New Oxford Street, not number 5.

Number 5 is occupied by Wellspring Bookshop - Rudolf Steiner Books!
Sorry b. I've made the change.
That Stroz Friedberg team hired by Facebook to delete files at Cambridge Analytica in London before the Information Commissioner got there sounds as though it may have been working for a government, whether US or Israeli. If they didn't want to get rid of incriminating info, what point was there in going in?
Fascistbook is a good name. However, I prefer calling it FSBook.
b, I don’t understand why Cambridge Analytica would need the Stroz Friedberg team to get rid of the incriminating info. Also, why would that team be willing to risk getting into deeply illegal territory?
Nigel Oakes, the founder of SCL, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, is connected with the royal family.

Oakes was the boyfriend of Helen Taylor, née Windsor. Taylor is the niece of Prince Michael of Kent, who was financially involved with "oligarch" Boris Berezovsky and who has also been close to several other "Russian" "oligarchs", including Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Vladimir Potanin and Vladimir Evtushenkov. The prince runs a company called "Cantium" (can anyone think of a good anagram?), a global "consultancy". He married the daughter of SS officer Gunther von Reibnitz. Although several years ago there were some stories about him not being close to British diplomats, they were put out at a time when it might have been necessary to disown him, and he is currently the patron of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce.
@Anon - The line is that the Stroz Friedberg team were working for Facebook. Whoever the client was, they must pull some serious clout.
@nemdam - What does "FSBook" mean? (Excuse my ignorance.)
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

When propaganda fails

Even though Hillary Clinton is a private citizen, and even though she is certainly not going to run for any office ever again, somebody has put a lot of money into an anti-Hillary ad campaign. The ads -- which you can see on all sorts of clickbait sites -- promise that Hillary's "hit list" has finally been unveiled. "You'll never guess who's number 1!"

Always on the lookout for new amusements, I made an honest effort to find out the name of Hillary's number 1 target. The link goes here. Use caution if you click on that link, because you never know where malware lurketh. Here's the only visible ad copy:
"We voted AGAINST her lies. But now she's plotting on final devastation.

Will THIS be Crooked Hillary's Secret Revenge?

[31,747 DEAD in 2017. If you're over 55, watch the warning below to protect yourself and your spouse.]
And...that's it. Nothing else loads up.

I think the page is supposed to play a video, but if it does, I couldn't see it. I tried three separate browsers. A shame, that. I'd like to know just how Hillary managed to murder 31,747 people in a fashion so secretive that not even Fox News noticed.

(Maybe I should have used a better computer. I visited that page using an ancient notebook computer at the local Mickey D. Gotta protect against nasty ol' malware, you know.)

The ubiquity of these ads indicates that a decent-sized pile of money went into this campaign -- a campaign which failed utterly for technical reasons.

The anti-Hillary page is part of a larger site called the Health Sciences Institute, which claims to have treatments for cancer, diabetes, back pain and heart problems. You can read more about the lovable funsters at HSI if you visit the Ripoff Report and Snopes. To paraphrase an old axiom: If it looks like a quack and quacks like a quack...

It turns out that the big, hidden cancer cure is honey. Hillary is preventing you from eating honey. Because Evil.

According to a Ripoff Report correspondent, HSI also trades in heavy-duty anti-Catholicism. I guess the Pope also has a thing against honey.

Mother Jones did a piece on these guys back December of 2015. Turns out they have a link to the Huckabee family; they've also hooked up with Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich. You know: The gang.

As fate would have it, this company traces back to a local Baltimore crew that I've had my eye on for years. I've even made cryptic references to them in past posts, though I've never mentioned the name until now.
The Health Sciences Institute is part of a company called NewMarket Health, which is just one asset of a Baltimore-based publishing empire named Agora Inc. Agora’s subsidiaries and affiliates publish more than 40 newsletters and sell more than 300 books on a range of topics, including biblical health tips, natural-healing supplements, and “insider” investment advice—a mix of ideas the company considers the intellectual equivalent of the marketplace of ancient Athens. To find new readers for its ever-expanding catalog of publications, Agora’s subsidiaries have tapped into a network of conservative heavyweights, including Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich, who sell access to their massive email lists to advertise Agora’s products.
In April, Paul appeared in a 51-minute video for an Agora subsidiary in which he argued that the United States was on the verge of martial law and societal collapse. The libertarian patriarch, whose own Survival Report newsletter once played to its white readers’ worst fears, urged viewers to buy a newsletter subscription to find out more. Conservative outlets including National Review and Townhall have also rented their email lists to Agora subsidiaries. While it’s not unusual for publications (including Mother Jones) to send sponsored messages to their subscribers, Agora’s emails skirt the line between spammy and scammy. An email sent last year to followers of the popular right-wing site RedState on behalf of the Health Sciences Institute claimed that the Obama administration was blocking a miracle cure that “vaporizes cancer in six weeks.”
The rest of the MJ article contains the fascinating backstory of Agora.

I first heard about these folks when I was researching the National Inflation Institute, a pump-and-dump scheme linked to Jonathan Lebed which Fox (for some reason) was pushing heavily back in 2011. (I even made a film about them.) Although I know of no link between Agora and Lebed's operation, I did notice certain similarities -- such as a heavy emphasis on Ayn Randroid libertarianism, mixed in with a willingness to engage in certain lines of endeavor which some uncharitable souls might describe as "scammy."

(Another example of the breed would the sex cult/multi-level marketing scheme called NXVIM, which deserves a whole separate post.)

Pump and dump. "Natural" health cures. MLM schemes. These are the things that fund the paranoid right. There are paranoids on the left as well, but most liberals aren't enlightened enough for to seek out these kinds of "opportunities."

Agora became particularly interesting to me when I discovered a potential link to a local mystery. I even toyed with the idea of investigating this matter as part of a larger film about various aspects of Baltimore's colorful history. This post is not the place to discuss the event in any detail. But perhaps one image will offer certain interested parties an indication of the mystery that I'm talking about...

The Belvedere in Phila? If that's it, wasn't that the first place that was found to have Legionaires disease?
Heard those comments recently from Hillary about how the middle of the country is backward and Trump's supporters are all racists and misogynists? They were, of course, taken grossly out of context. But what's interesting is how it originally spread. It was a GOP oppo research firm that found the speech, cut it up to look as bad as possible and then promoted the out of context remarks which the MSM picked up on. It's a textbook definition of how your Hillary sausage gets made and how the MSM dutifully adopts GOP framing on Hillary.

I will also say the fact they still spend time attacking her says something. I'm not really sure what, but they still see her as having some sort of power or else they wouldn't spend time trying to tear her down. No losing candidate has even been attacked like this. My guess? They want to narrative to exist that Hillary lost only due to herself because if the story becomes that outside forces caused Hillary to lose then it undermines the legitimacy of the GOP. Hillary merely existing as a respectable, normal person is a threat to the GOP. How sad.
Agora sound like Steinerites.


"Threefold Systems is part of The Agora, a global family of publishing companies in over a dozen countries. Agora affiliated companies specialise in financial, health, travel, and special-interest newsletters, books, and an array of other products & services. It is a modern marketplace for opinions and breakthrough ideas."

"Threefold Systems was founded by Agora employees with combined decades of experience in publishing and development. Threefold was created to meet the needs of a wide range of clients to help them grow their business and take advantage of new technologies."

I searched on "Agora and threefolding and this is what I found. (I didn't just happen on it.) "Threefolding" is a Steinerite word. Whenever you encounter a phrase such as "people, planet, profit", beware. These fuckers will be operating overtly or else lurking.

Berlusconi's children went to Steiner schools.
Jacob Rees-Mogg's father and sisters have helped advance Steinerite interests.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is a Steinerite.
"Ethical" bank Triodos is Steinerite.

Many readers of this will have already read the warning by Valery Gerasimov, head of the Russian general staff, that the US may be planning a false-flag chemical attack to justify a US assault on government-held parts of Damascus where Russian service personnel are deployed, and that Russia will respond with force to any such US assault. I.e. WW3.

In Britain the media are bigging up the "Beast" even in weather reports, the "Beast from the East", and in some cases, using the theme of Monster Reborn, "Beast from the East 2". Talk of a cyber attack against Russia is put into commentary and statements, as if that's akin to sticking your tongue out at someone you don't like. Actually it would be an act of aggressive war against a nuclear power. Meanwhile the British army has been helping people in the snow, and food shortages are already being reported in Birmingham and elsewhere.

This looks like it.

Could Easter/Passover be a key moment in the war agenda?
I looked at your first link and got it to load up in a text-only browser. There's no video, but I can't post the text here because there are 42 pages of it, depending I suppose on monitor size. Below the asterisks I shall put some tiny excerpts.


And it’s a scheme so elaborate and far-reaching, it can only be defined as high treason.

Here was the plan...

On January 20, 2017, Hillary was supposed to place her hand on the Bible and take the Presidential oath of office... NOT as the victor of an
honest and fair election...

But as a LIAR, a TRAITOR and the CONSPIRACY MASTERMIND of a rigged election.
I’m Dr. Allan Spreen, and I work for an organization just outside Washington DC... a patriotic group that monitors our government for
exactly this type of thing.

I can’t reveal my sources, but a network of insiders gives me special access to this kind of information...

We’ve uncovered a lot of dirt over the last 19 years... but NOTHING this huge.

I might even be putting myself at risk to publish this report today — but it’s my duty, both as a journalist and a proud American who
loves his country.

So we’ve printed up every single cure in a free report we call... The Insider’s Book of Secrets: The REAL Cures Buried By Clinton’s Cartel.

And we’re ready to mail it right to your door. Today.

We feel it’s our duty as Americans and patriots. And it’s the ONLY way to stop the Clinton Cartel from carrying out the final phase of
its deadly scheme.

But, a fair warning, the information I’m about to share is so explosive... and Hillary’s Cartel is SO powerful...

They can wipe all traces of this report from the internet at any moment.


Okay, I can't read any more.

So ultra-low grade conspirapiffle with the usual random bolding replacing the usual random CAPITALISATION.

The cause of the 30,000 deaths seems to be medicine, which they are trying to replace with natural, non-lethal, treatments like "sour honey". So it's just the same as what you've seen of the rest of their site, but with a number of deaths given. There is no mention of Clinton's number one target, I'm afraid.

It would be bad enough if the attacks on Hillary Clinton were merely from the Right that has made Hillary-hate a cottage industry. But as we saw in 2016, the Left, specifically Nina Turner and Our Revolution, is still piling on. In this case, protesting a speech Clinton is scheduled to present at Rutgers University. The speaking fee? $25,000, a sum which will damage middle & lower class citizens. Because? Well just . . . because.

Link here:

The something, something in this 'call to rally' concerns the damaging effects of money in politics. Seemingly the on-going Bernie Brigade has not reckoned with the fact that HRC is a private citizen who is entitled (and frankly I would say earned the right) to speak her mind anywhere she damn well chooses. The Dems piling on with the Hillary critiques are the same ones calling for the ouster of Nancy Pelosi who has the dubious honor of assuming the #1 position on the political Demon List.

Nothing like being attacked from both flanks--the Far Right and the Far Left. Gives that Horseshoe theory a lot of gas.


CA talking about using bribes, setting up shell companies, Israeli subcontractors, Ukrainian girls for honey traps, manufacturing blackmail material... they don't even get round to Facebook. They talk about a recent successful operation in Eastern europe which I'm now curious about.
Further: it's now being reported that CA will be raided by the information commisioner this very night in connection with the Facebookk activities and the allegations of the whistleblower. Facebook shares in freefall.
Everyone should pop up the link that Stephen Morgan posted above. Or go here:

Same devastating film, just different link. Pretty damning, too. This is one time CA did not manage to 'ghost in, ghost out.' In fact, their footprint is now muddy and oozing with corruption. Nasty.

No wonder they wanted to stop the film's release.

Nice film.

This line from Alexander Nix is classic: "I should have recognised where the prospective client was taking our conversations and ended the relationship sooner." Everyone accused of being a drug supplier or a paid killer should try that one.

Wonderful to watch Facebook have the shits put up them...but where will it lead?
Dutch investigative journalists explain data received in Panama Papers and media alliance work on running leads in the documents to ground to identify major international players' shell companies and undisclosed investments -- from mafia to prime ministers.

Here's the searchable Panama Papers data, just in case you are looking for a particular entity or person:

Mercer owns a major share in Cambridge Analytica. Rebekah Mercer and Steve Mercer served on the Board when they formed the U.S. election division of Cambridge Analytica.
SCL owns Cambridge Analytica. The British director of SCL has ties to Ukrainian oligarch and Putin.
Cambridge Analytica has ties to alumni and academics at Cambridge University.
Cambridge Analytica claims Channel 4 meetings were Entrapment
All's fair in love in war, eh boys?
If you've got the retired secret agents and Ukrainian girls working for you...
Straight from the horse's mouth, who looks more 'ludicrous' now, Mr. Nix?

1. Cambridge Analytica is 1 piece of election data breach.

2. Palantir contracted w/U.S. State Dept & Trump Campaign (2016), Homeland Security (2018, overlays CIA data w/ SM data). Peter Thiel, founded Palantir, eBay & PayPal, serves on Facebook's Board, chums w/Erik Prince (Banner Air, U.A.E. private militias

3. Quid= repurposes parsed SM, email,.docx/pdf text data, creates visual maps of significant content & relationships for millions of documents.

4. Did this GOOGLE heir kick it off?
“ June 2013, Sophie…suggested he (Nix) meet … someone she knew… through her father (Eric Schmidt, Google Chair)...Palantir…a data-mining firm (that) has contracts with governments all over the world – including GCHQ and the NSA… “
"“Google’s algorithm had been gamed by extremist sites …Jonathan Albright, professor of commun at Elon University…was the first… to map and uncover an entire ‘alt-right’ news and information ecosystem."
"He called the company a central point in the right’s ‘propaganda machine’….work(ing) for the Trump election campaign and the referendum (for BREXIT)...”
"Cadwalladr ...detail(s) Mercer’s work and the key role of a Canadian company AggregateIQ…and (CA)…she gives us this interesting take-away:”

““SCL/Cambridge Analytica was not some startup…it’s effectively part of the British defence establishment. And, now, too, the American defence establishment. An ex-commanding officer of the US Marine Corps operations centre, Chris Naler, has recently joined Iota Global, a partner of the SCL group….This is…a story about social psychology…data analytics…(and) a military contractor using military strategies on a civilian population. Us. “

David Miller, a professor of sociology at Bath U… and an authority in psyops and propaganda, says it is ‘an extraordinary scandal… It should be clear to voters where information is coming from, and if it’s not… it raises the question of whether we are… living in a democracy or not.’”
"... likelihood that the vote counting in the 2016 election was manipulated in favor of Trump… @mikefarb1… has been reviewing the election results precinct by precinct, collecting voting anomalies, and linking to sites that detail how machines can be hacked. "

5. Kogan’s timeline - FB data lifted for “academic” research…
That's summer 2014, when he was also pulling @facebook data for Cambridge Analytica….when (CA) was pitching to Lukoil…when Robert Mueller's indicted Russians were starting to use the platform for "information warfare"..
@carolecadwalla 3/19/18
@Rochelle @cfiesler
“Looking at Turkopticon reviews, it seems like the “personality survey” that required FB access was posted by Kogan’s account from at least 2/2014 to 5/2014 and from GSL’s account 6/2014 to 12/2015. (IIRC, they also had 1-2 other accounts too.)”

Do Mechanical Turk gig workers become legal fall guys for big boys?
“...gig economy workers are the first victims of the #Facebook & Cambridge Analytica scandal (Kogan used Amazon Mechanical Turk to increase downloads of thisismydigitallife app). It is a clear case where work precarity meets alienation of personal data” @JCPlantin 4/19/18

"Man in the Middle" Explains Vote Rigging in Ohio in 2004 Prof. Spoonamore:

Cadwalladr's "The Great British BREXIT election robbery":

Guardian article – how to ck if you got trolled on FB
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Cambridge Analytica and much more

Cambridge Analytica. Here's the expose that everyone is talking about.
Last month Nix told MPs: “We have never worked with a Russian organisation in Russia or any other company. We do no have any relationship with Russia or Russian individuals.”

That appears to contradict the company documents seen by the Observer, that list Russia as one of the countries where Cambridge Analytica and affiliate companies have clients.
Always remember that Cambridge Analytica has done highly sensitive work for the American and British intelligence. Always remember that CA is largely staffed with Tory-leaning MI6 agents, or "former" agents. Yet CA appears to be in large measure a Russian operation, revolving around the work of "Dr. Spectre," trained in St. Petersburg.

See here:  "Cambridge Analytica: links to Moscow oil firm and St Petersburg university"

See here: "Data Firm Tied to Trump Campaign Talked Business With Russians"

See here and here for the Russian ownership ties to CA.

Just as America must come to grips with the Trump/Alt Right connection to Russia, so too the UK must come to grips with the MI6 connection to Russia. If America needs to clean its closet -- and it does -- then the British people also need to pick up some ammonia and a scrub brush. So far, the process has not begun. Where are the speeches in Parliament? Where is the Panorama documentary? Where is the inquiry?

Why has not one British notable demanded an official inquiry into Cambridge Analytica, the firm that stands at the intersection of MI6 and the fiends who brazenly use nerve agents on British soil?

Our British friends look at Trump and laugh. They look at our Alt Right and they sneer in derision. They are right to laugh and right to sneer. But they must also look in the mirror. MI6 agents are working with Cambridge Analytica -- which means that MI6 agents are working with Russia. That's a fact. 

You want to know where to start the investigation? Start here.

Kushner deserves jail. Crime lord Jared Kushner lied on official documents, claiming that he had no rent-controlled tenants when in fact he had hundreds. He did this in order to sell the buildings at a huge profit.

Ayn Randroids cannot excuse this crime by making libertarian arguments against rent control. First, the law is the law. Second, the victims of Kushner's deceit were other capitalists, who paid much more for the buildings than they were worth.

Lindsay Graham has warned Trump not to fire Mueller, even though it is clear as day that Trump intends to do so. Although other Republicans have joined his cry, it seems that Lindsay Graham functions as the weathervane, or the coal-mine canary. Our democracy hangs by a thread named Lindsay -- an uncomfortable thought.

South Korea. Trump now threatens to pull troops out of South Korea, due to a trade dispute. Is this an excuse to get Americans out of a potential war zone? Does Trump intend to ignite a war with North Korea?

Eric Boehlert offers another example of the double standard for Dems:
reminder: if Bill Clinton had threatened to sue Paula Jones for $20M to keep her quiet, NYT reporters would've typed up the articles of impeachment themselves
Kurt Eichenwald on the McCabe memos that went to Mueller:
Innocent person: “there are memos recounting those meeting? Thank heavens. That will show what happened.

Trump: There are memos recounting those meetings? They’re LIES! THEYRE FAKE!!! The guy who wrote them LIES! His former boss should he in jail!

Trump is guilty of something
What's amazing to me is that Trump doesn't have the slightest idea how to fake innocence -- a skill that should come as second nature to a seasoned con artist (which Trump is). Most children develop better lying skills by the age of 13.

Even Trey Gowdy understands.
"When you are innocent … act like it," Gowdy said on “Fox News Sunday“ when asked about Trump's repeated Twitter attacks on Mueller, whose probe has become increasingly perilous to the president and his inner circle. "If you’ve done nothing wrong, you should want the investigation to be as fulsome and thorough as possible."
Did Mueller start out with incriminating info? This Kos writer claims to have a secret intelligence source who has been doing data analysis for the Mueller investigation.
"They had evidence of collusion from day one," he insisted, "now it's all about seeing how high up the chain the corruption goes." He says our intelligence services have evidence of collusion with Russians by members of the Trump campaign, mostly in the form of SIGINT (signal intelligence, i.e. foreign wire taps). It was that SIGINT, both by our intel agencies and by our allies, that caused the investigation to kick off in the first place. What has leaked to the press, he says, would only be the tip of the iceberg. The most damning stuff has been kept secret to protect sources and methods. But the Mueller indictments actually hint that evidence runs much deeper than what has been publicly revealed so far.

This is how my friend described it: “Mueller is playing poker with a whole extra deck stuffed up his sleeve. He has the entire US intelligence apparatus at his disposal. When he calls someone in for an interview, he often already has something on them, something he knows they will lie about. Then when they lie, he has them... they've perjured themselves, and he has the documents or SIGINT to prove it. They have to flip and become a cooperating witness, otherwise they go down for the lie as well as the thing they lied about."
This is a pleasant picture, and not outside the realm of possibility. But my EMF meters detect the ghost of Louise Mensch whenever someone in the Resistance claims "I have a spooky friend whose name I cannot divulge..."

Once burned, twice shy.

Yes, the Trump impeachment is getting to be like the NWO takeover - always just around the corner, any day now.

As for our English entanglements with the Russians, the Foreign Secretary has just been revealed to have played tennis with the wife of a former Russian government minister in return for over a hundred grand in donations to the Tory Party, who have taken several hundred thousand pounds of donations from various Russian big wigs. A bigger problem is the role of Russian money laundering in the London property market. Maintaining that is the Tories' number one concern.

Cheeto Benito does not merely manipulate the conspiracy loons; he is one of them.

He probably believes that the Deep State is a coherent entity, and that it removed both Nixon and JFK.

If that be the case, then he may fear that if he successfully prevents the DS from removing him the way it removed Nixon, then the DS will merely shrug, and set about preparing to remove him the way it removed JFK.

That would explain why he has not found some way to remove Mueller and shut down the investigation already.

We already know he lives on fast food because he fears being poisoned.
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Saturday, March 17, 2018

McCabe, the Russians, "Spectre," Cambridge Analytica, Flynn -- and treason.

Looks as though McCabe may get his pension after all. More than that: The AP has just reported that McCabe kept some rather important memos on Trump.
That’s according to a person with direct knowledge of the situation who wasn’t authorized to discuss the memos publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

This person says the memos are similar to the ones maintained by former FBI Director James Comey, who Trump fired last May.

Comey’s series of notes detailed interactions with Trump that Comey said unnerved him.

The person with knowledge of McCabe’s situation says McCabe’s memos include details of interactions with the president, among other topics.
There's an old saying: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Trump is apparently unfamiliar with this aphorism.

Added note: The memos are now in Mueller's hands. Tweet from Joy Reid:
Republican source to me just now: “The McCabe Memos are the new Pentagon Papers.”
Unfortunately, it seems that McCabe's retirement problem won't be solved if a congressperson hires him. It's complicated.

Why Russia targeted McCabe. In the preceding post, my view mirored McCabe's: The GOP/St. Petersburg demonization machine targeted Andrew McCabe because he can testify to Comey's basic truthfulness. Trump needs to rob McCabe of credibility in order to take out Comey.

But this may not be the full story. After giving the matter much further thought, I believe that we should view the McCabe matter in light of Russia's infiltration -- dare I say "takeover"? -- of western intelligence.

Andrew McCabe worked for many years in the FBI's New York office. There, he oversaw investigations into organized crime -- particularly Russian organized crime.

McCabe is the reason why the FBI bugged the gambling ring at Trump Tower -- a ring which you should know all about from the film Molly's Game. (Unfortunately, director/writer Aaron Sorkin decided to create a very deceptive film. One of these days, I shall offer a full explanation of Sorkin's deceit.) McCabe is the reason why the leader of that ring, Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov -- a Russian mobster who worked with Donald Trump in Russia -- can't enter this country. Trump claims to have nothing to do with this ring, even though he and Ivanka own a company called "Poker Venture" headquartered in Trump Tower.

In most press accounts, Preet Bharara gets credit for breaking up that ring. But it was the FBI who bugged the place -- and McCabe was in charge of the FBI's efforts.

McCabe has also crossed paths with Trump's business partner Felix Sater, who (with the help of Chris Hayes, of all people) is making an unconvincing bid to convince the populace that he is not a crook. Sater also ran a criminal enterprise out of Trump Tower:
Further, pending civil litigation alleges that Bayrock, whose offices were just a floor beneath Trump’s in Trump Tower, served as a massive money laundering operation for funds from the former Soviet Union.
The Tokhtakhounov ring was also just below Trump's residence in Trump Tower. Someone should prepare a map of who owned which suite. Or perhaps it was all one big suite...?
In the mid-1990s, Sater had been one of the chiefs of State Street, a mobbed-up financial brokerage that racked up tens of millions of dollars in profits in a few short years and fleeced thousands. Sater and 21 others were swept up in the high-profile FBI operation that targeted the brokerage, which included associates of both Italian crime families and the Russian mob — which includes Sater. Sater then “flipped” and became an informant, after pleading guilty to a single count of racketeering. He was working at Bayrock a few short years later.
That's the real story of Sater's work for the FBI. He became a rat in order to stay out of the pokey, so don't let anyone convince you that he was some sort of patriotic super-spy. Logic tells us that he would not have been in a position to rat out anyone if he did not associate with terrorists and mobsters. (Chris Hayes tried to make that point during his interview; unfortunately, he didn't do his best work on that occasion.)

Side note: Do you remember the time, in the summer of 2017, Sater was telling associates that his name was about to become a household word? What was all that about, I wonder?

Here's how McCabe links up with the Sater investigation:
McCabe worked for 20 years in the New York field office of the FBI. According to older FBI biographical information, he joined the New York office in 1996, when he worked on “organized crime matters.” In 2003, “he became the supervisory special agent of the Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force, a joint operation with the New York City Police Department.”

“Eurasian organized crime” is the FBI designation for crime that originates from the former Soviet Union, including Russia and Ukraine.
Let's sum things up. McCabe made Sater's life miserable. Now, Sater's friend Donald Trump is president. Sater is doing his rehabilitation tour while his old enemy McCabe -- who should be running the Bureau right now -- was treated like trash.

We will get back to McCabe before we end this post. But first, this:

Putin takes control of western intelligence. I want to remind you of an extremely important story we referenced a few days ago. Viktor Kamenev writes for an important Russian military journal, Military Review -- a journal which would never print anything contrary to Putin's wishes. In this piece, Kamanev impudently declares that "Trump is ours." The Russian word for "ours" is nash. It's an old-school spy term: When the KGB called someone nash, they meant "He's one of our own agents."

As you read the following excerpt, keep in mind that these words reflect Kamanev's highly biased point of view.
But Kamenev says, Trump “somehow was able to take under control the special services” in part by his alliance with Republicans in Congress like Representative Devon Nunes whose report “in fact reveals a conspiracy of FBI agents and the Justice Department against President Trump.” That report may lead to “a massive purge of the FBI, other US special services, and the Justice Department as well as a political earthquake in Congress.”

According to Kamenev, “the special services are the main instrument of American democracy; and if Trump masters them completely, then the days of the fake globalist press and of the Congress which has fallen under its sway are numbered.”
McCabe is not mentioned by name here, but these words were largely directed against him. In the deranged propaganda of the Alex Jonesian right, McCabe was the leader of this "conspiracy of FBI agents."

There is no such conspiracy. It's fictional.

The real conspiracy is the one against the FBI. Moscow is the ultimate power behind that conspiracy. They targeted Andrew McCabe because he was the FBI official who led the fight against Russian organized crime. During his time in New York, he learned a lot about Trump's Russian business associates.

You should read the rest of the article to which I have linked. Kamenev goes on to say that CIA Director Mike Pompeo is, in essence, "nash". That is to say: Kamenev considers Pompeo to be a de facto Russian agent. Any pro forma criticisms of Putin which Pompeo uttered in the past were just a matter of political expediency; pay no heed.

Pompeo will soon replace Rex Tillerson as head of the State Department. Tillerson was originally Moscow's choice, which explains why he kept his job even after calling Trump a "fucking idiot." Once Tillerson started to criticize Vladimir Satanovich, he had to go. Soon, Pompeo will be in.

Trump did not make that choice. Putin did. Let's not kid ourselves.

"Pip pip, cheerio, and Hail Hydra!"
Although few have attempted to give the matter sufficient study, Putin's control of western intelligence may be even more profound in the UK than it is in the United States. We've known for a while that Cambridge Analytica is largely staffed by "former" MI6 personnel. Some consider it a lightly-privatized outgrowth of MI6.

We've also known that Cambridge Analytica receives Mercer money. One investor (and officer) was Steve Bannon, who is on record as admiring Benito Mussolini, Nazi theoretician Julius Evola, and Satan himself.

(Side note: Although it has been reported that Bannon invested millions in Cambridge Analytica, we should note that some -- including Trump himself -- have questioned whether Bannon actually has that kind of money. Alas, we shall have to leave the Mysteries of Bannon for another occasion.)

We're now learning why Facebook took the extraordinary step of banning Cambridge Analytica.
A whistleblower has revealed to the Observer how Cambridge Analytica – a company owned by the hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, and headed at the time by Trump’s key adviser Steve Bannon – used personal information taken without authorisation in early 2014 to build a system that could profile individual US voters, in order to target them with personalised political advertisements.

Christopher Wylie, who worked with a Cambridge University academic to obtain the data, told the Observer: “We exploited Facebook to harvest millions of people’s profiles. And built models to exploit what we knew about them and target their inner demons. That was the basis the entire company was built on.”

Documents seen by the Observer, and confirmed by a Facebook statement, show that by late 2015 the company had found out that information had been harvested on an unprecedented scale. However, at the time it failed to alert users and took only limited steps to recover and secure the private information of more than 50 million individuals.
Here comes Russia:
The data was collected through an app called thisisyourdigitallife, built by academic Aleksandr Kogan, separately from his work at Cambridge University.
Kogan is an incredibly strange fellow who has changed his name to -- I kid you not -- "Spectre." That's right: He named himself after the Bad Guy Group in the James Bond movies. That's almost as outrageous as Steve Bannon's praise of Satan and Mussolini.

For more about his work, see here. This nugget deserves to be better known:
Trump’s former National Security Adviser Lt-Gen Michael Flynn, a compromised Russian asset, also disclosed he played an advisory role for Cambridge Analytica.
Flynn? Cambridge Analytica? Let's explore this tributary further.

You should understand that Cambridge Analytica has strong ties to Cambridge University, which, in turn, has long had a special relationship with Britain's secret services. Basically, if you're a young Brit hoping to get recruited to work as a spy, Cambridge is the school for you.

But be warned: Russia is there too.

Michael Flynn visits Cambridge. In a previous Cannonfire post, we looked at Russian infiltration of Cambridge. (That post owed much to the exemplary work of Luke Harding, although I also included material from other sources.) To explore how this infection has spread, we need to take a hard look at a fellow named Christopher Andrew, an esteemed professor of history at Cambridge.

Most Americans don't know the name, but in the UK he is familiar as a presenter on television and BBC4. More than that: He is the official historian of MI5, and his protegees now hold important positions in British intelligence. Rumor has long held that Andrew is the main recruiter in Cambridge for the British services. Some would go so far as to say that the distance between Andrew and the intelligence community is as narrow as the distance between mortar and brick.

Andrew also heads the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, which is an important gathering in the world of British -- and American -- intelligence. In short and in sum, spy chiefs go to these gatherings and freely discuss world developments.

One of Andrew's post-graduate students is Svetlana Lokhova, an attractive Russian woman in her 30s who claims to be nothing more than a historian with an interest in espionage. Oddly, she has been granted full access to the archives of the GRU -- a privilege granted to no other outsider. Odder still: While perusing her historical studies, she maintained a second life as an official at the British branch of Sperbank, the Russian bank inextricably linked to Russian intelligence.

One of the things you'll learn from the Corn/Isikoff book Russian Roulette is that FSB agents in the west have used Sperbank as a cover. Just thought I'd mention that bit in passing.

Lokhova is litigious. Lokhova denies being a Russian spy. Therefore, I will not call her a Russian spy. I can, however, state that other people have (rightly or wrongly) strongly implied that she works for Russian intelligence.

And that is why her proximity to Christopher Andrew is troubling. But he is not the only one she got to know well.

As you know, former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn used to run the Defense Intelligence Agency. In that capacity, he attended the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar and met Lokhova. The two became very close -- indeed, some have alleged a romantic entanglement. Although I do not share that view, I do think that Lokhova took Flynn by the hand and led him down a troubling path -- a path that led first to Putin's table, and ultimately to that federal court in which Flynn entered a "guilty" plea.

Flynn and Lokhova met at Christopher Andrew's Cambridge Intelligence Seminar (CIS). At this time, CIS -- formerly a revered institution within the British and American intelligence community -- came under suspicion. The former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, decided that he wanted nothing to do with it. Others followed his lead.

Why? Because Dearlove learned that a Russian front company called Veruscript was providing funding for CIS. From a site called Intel Today:
Some of those involved are thought to be concerned that Russia may attempt to use the link to the seminars to influence sensitive debates on national defence and security.”
For more about the Flynn/Lokova/CIS interaction, read the rest of the post at the other end of that last link. Also see my earlier piece.

McCabe vs. Flynn. At this point, let me repeat an overlooked nugget of information from our previous post on McCabe. Michael Flynn Jr. -- son of the indicted former Trump aide -- has this to say of McCabe:
Good. Now he needs to be prosecuted. He’s had it out for my father since his days at the DIA.
In response, Natasha Bertrand tweeted:
Flynn was on McCabe’s radar when he was at DIA? In 2014?
McCabe was an FBI official in New York who specialized in the Russian mob. Flynn was the head of the DIA engaged in an unnerving dalliance with Svetlana Lokhova, Sperbank official and espionage historian who insists that she is not a Russian spy, all indications to the contrary notwithstanding. Flynn and Lokhova met at CIS, which was apparently taken over the by Russians, and which has strong links to Cambridge Analytica, which worked with the Russians to put Trump in power.

How did McCabe learn about Flynn's Russian connections? I honestly don't know, but I suspect that Sperbank may be the key.

A final word. The Russians have penetrated our air traffic control systems and our energy systems. In all likelihood, the Russians can shut off the juice this very evening; nothing can stop them. In all likelihood, the Russians can make jets crash; nothing can stop them.

Nobody will admit that the Russians have hacked into our voting systems, but evidence suggests that they have done so. Note that Lamb received far fewer votes in Pennsylvania than the polls predicted.

We would not be in this situation if Russia had not first compromised our intelligence services.

I find myself in a strange position. For much of my adult life, I counted myself as a critic of the CIA. I believe that CIA counterintelligence orchestrated the murder of John Kennedy. I have always advocated strict oversight of the intelligence community and strict limits of the NSA's power to eavesdrop.

But before this crisis, I never wondered what would happen if our services were penetrated -- and perhaps commandeered -- by a foreign power.

God help us all. 
"Basically, if you're a young Brit hoping to get recruited to work as a spy, Cambridge is the school for you."

Cambridge would be top of your list. Every college at Cambridge University has an MI6 presence and, the whole place being so private boarding schooly, many "tutors" think they are experts at "character" and some like to spot talent for the said agency. But there are other places too, including the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. The universities of Durham, Exeter and St Andrews are also MI6-y to some extent.

Some youngsters know they can make an application which will probably be successful, and therefore they can probably have the secret service as a career option, before they reach university and are still a pupil at one of a handful of top boarding schools, aged maybe 16. Does it work like that at Andover or Exeter or other places in the US?
A bit like that. Everyone knows that Yale is a "feeder" into the intelligence community, and you don't necessarily have to be tapped into Skull and Bones. (I think JJA was Book and Snake. Isn't that a wonderful name?) Harvard has a similar clique. Obama went there. So have a number of famous old spooks.

Although I was mostly blind to it at the time of my attendance, the Agency had links to UCLA. Good old Dr. Jolly ran the neuropsychiatric center on campus, but did most of his dirty work at the Veteran's Administration center across the freeway. Wesley Liebeler (of Warren Commission ill-fame) more or less ran the law school. During my own school days, I did notice that the CIA regularly ran recruitment ads in the Daily Bruins. They were kind of corny and everyone I knew laughed at them.

The CIA has wires into a number of other universities. But I don't think that any one school in this country is quite as spooky as Cambridge.
Another article by Carole Cadwalladr, this time with Emma Graham-Harrison:
"Cambridge Analytica: links to Moscow oil firm and St Petersburg university | Data company gave briefing to Moscow firm Lukoil, and the lecturer who developed the crucial algorithm worked for St Petersburg university".

And the Tories say it's Jeremy Corbyn who has got snow on his boots!
b, I should add: I don't really know how things work at Andover or other prep schools. I was always too poor to travel in such circles. As far as I know, the spooks do no recruiting at the high school level. The military does.
Facebook bans Cambridge Analytica and Chris Wylie gets a mention there. Wylie also crops up in relation to Aggregate IQ, a Canadian company CA used as a cut-out to conceal its role in the Brexit vote, and later, the US elections:

>>> AggregateIQ holds the key to unravelling another complicated network of influence that Mercer has created. A source emailed me to say he had found that AggregateIQ’s address and telephone number corresponded to a company listed on Cambridge Analytica’s website as its overseas office: "SCL Canada". A day later, that online reference vanished.

... Paul, the first of two sources formerly employed by Cambridge Analytica. He is in his late 20s and bears mental scars from his time there. 'It’s almost like post-traumatic shock. It was so… messed up. It happened so fast. I just woke up one morning and found we’d turned into the Republican fascist party. I still can’t get my head around it.'

... There wasn’t just a relationship between Cambridge Analytica and AggregateIQ, Paul told me. They were intimately entwined, key nodes in Robert Mercer’s distributed empire. 'The Canadians were our back office. They built our software for us. They held our database. If AggregateIQ is involved then Cambridge Analytica is involved'. <<<
In a letter to the Times, written FOUR DAYS after the Salisbury attack, a consultant medic at the Salisbury hospital writes as follows (emphasis added).

The Times, 16 Mar 2018
Sir, Further to your report (“Poison exposure leaves almost 40 needing treatment”, Mar 14), may I clarify that no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury and there have only ever been three patients with significant poisoning. Several people have attended the emergency department concerned that they may have been exposed. None has had symptoms of poisoning and none has needed treatment. Any blood tests performed have shown no abnormality. No member of the public has been contaminated by the agent involved.
Stephen Davies
Consultant in emergency medicine, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

The Times then reported on his letter, distorting his words, as follows.

In a letter to The Times Dr Davies writes that no patients experienced symptoms other than the three with “significant poisoning”. “Several people have attended the emergency department concerned that they may have been exposed,” he adds. “None has had symptoms of poisoning and none has needed treatment. Any blood tests performed have shown no abnormality. No member of the public has been contaminated by the agent involved.”
Correction: Davies wrote that letter TWELVE days after the alleged Salisbury attack, not four.
Two things, the FBI field agents in the Trumpland office leaking to Rudy Giuliani, are they nash?
You had written you thought President Obama did some work for the CIA whilst visiting friends overseas have you given any more thought in light of recent events?
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I'm sure you already know about the unconscionable firing of Andrew McCabe. If you have not already seen his statement, I've give you the guts of it:
The investigation by the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) has to be understood in the context of the attacks on my credibility. The investigation flows from my attempt to explain the FBI’s involvement and my supervision of investigations involving Hillary Clinton. I was being portrayed in the media over and over as a political partisan, accused of closing down investigations under political pressure. The FBI was portrayed as caving under that pressure, and making decisions for political rather than law enforcement purposes. Nothing was further from the truth. In fact, this entire investigation stems from my efforts, fully authorized under FBI rules, to set the record straight on behalf of the Bureau and to make it clear that we were continuing an investigation that people in DOJ opposed.

The OIG investigation has focused on information I chose to share with a reporter through my public affairs officer and a legal counselor. As Deputy Director, I was one of only a few people who had the authority to do that. It was not a secret, it took place over several days, and others, including the Director, were aware of the interaction with the reporter. It was the same type of exchange with the media that the Deputy Director oversees several times per week. In fact it was the same type of work that I continued to do under Director Wray, at his request. The investigation subsequently focused on who I talked to, when I talked to them, and so forth. During these inquiries, I answered questions truthfully and as accurately as I could amidst the chaos that surrounded me. And when I thought my answers were misunderstood, I contacted investigators to correct them.

But looking at that in isolation completely misses the big picture. The big picture is a tale of what can happen when law enforcement is politicized, public servants are attacked, and people who are supposed to cherish and protect our institutions become instruments for damaging those institutions and people.

Here is the reality: I am being singled out and treated this way because of the role I played, the actions I took, and the events I witnessed in the aftermath of the firing of James Comey. The release of this report was accelerated only after my testimony to the House Intelligence Committee revealed that I would corroborate former Director Comey’s accounts of his discussions with the President. The OIG’s focus on me and this report became a part of an unprecedented effort by the Administration, driven by the President himself, to remove me from my position, destroy my reputation, and possibly strip me of a pension that I worked 21 years to earn. The accelerated release of the report, and the punitive actions taken in response, make sense only when viewed through this lens. Thursday’s comments from the White House are just the latest example of this.

This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to taint the FBI, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals more generally. It is part of this Administration’s ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation, which continue to this day. Their persistence in this campaign only highlights the importance of the Special Counsel’s work.
A few comments.

First, note that the administration's war against the FBI is purely about Trump; nobody on the right complains about anything the FBI has done in any other regard. It's not as though the GOP suddenly decided that there was a problem with the way the Bureau handles terrorism or organized crime. Trump decided that the FBI was corrupt only after he realized that the FBI might learn his secrets.

The right is calling McCabe a tool of the so-called "deep state conspiracy." At this point, the phrase "deep state" simply means "anti-Putin." The term has no other definition.

I am positive that McCabe is correct when he says that Trump is taking vengeance on him because he can corroborate Comey's version of events. Trump pretty much admitted as much in a tweet that was, even by Trumpian standards, utterly bonkers.
Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!
Note that Trump makes no reference to that IG report, which Trump surely has not read. In Der Donald's mind, McCabe and Comey are linked. Make no mistake: This imbroglio is all about discrediting Comey.

That fact raises (but does not "beg") an important question: Why is Trump so intent on discrediting Comey? I can think of only one answer: Trump believes that Mueller will bring obstruction charges against the president. In other words, Trump foresees an impeachment and is already planning his defense.

In a way, the firing of McCabe constitutes an admission of guilt.

We won't be able to judge the IG report until we see it, although I'm fairly certain that I'll end up filing it alongside that four-page Nunes memo. As readers know, I strongly suspect that there is kompromat on Nunes -- and I'm hardly alone in feeling that way. Could kompromat be the secret factor behind that IG report?

Keep in mind, Donald Trump has the full weight of Putin's intelligence apparat working on his behalf. Keep in mind, too, that everyone has secrets. Even good people.

The Inspector General of the Department of Justice is a man named Michael E. Horowitz. He has a remarkable resume and is considered a straight shooter; I know of no skeletons in his closet.

It may be instructive, however, to take a look at the way he is portrayed by the far right. This conspiracy site (which strongly resembles the Russian fake news sites that spread the Pizzagate myth shortly before the election) reveals that the "patriots" targeted Horowitz long ago...
And so on. These accusations are pure madness, of course -- but they prove that Horowitz was on the far right's radar long before most of the rest of us understood his importance. I wonder: Now that Horowitz has done Trump a service, will he continue to be damned as a soldier in the Great Soros Conspiracy?

Selected tweets.
Nancy Sinatra, of all people, offered the sharpest response:
You are a dirty bastard @jeffsessions How dare you take a man's pension away. A man who has served our country well for twenty years. You can't lick Andrew McCabe's shoes.
John Schindler:
What happens when a President up to his neck in dirty Kremlin ties declares open war on the FBI and its employees? We're about to find out.
Scott Dworkin:
Trump pushed Sessions to fire Andrew McCabe for no other reason than to try & use the firing to stop Mueller’s Russia probe. McCabe agrees. He just stated that his firing is part of the effort to destroy him, so Trump can stop the Mueller probe. Congress needs to #ProtectMueller.
Preet Bharara, in response to Trump's insane tweet:
This is called lawsuit Exhibit A
I'm not quite sure what Bharara means by that...

Ari Melber:

Legally, tonight McCabe is alleging Sessions’ act is basically an element of obstruction of justice. A serious claim to make about a sitting A.G. (who claims to be recused).
The IG report functions as Sessions' excuse and justification.

Here's a particularly interesting exchange. Michael Flynn Jr. -- son of the indicted former Trump aide -- has this to say of McCabe:
Good. Now he needs to be prosecuted. He’s had it out for my father since his days at the DIA.
To which Natasha Bertrand responded:
Flynn was on McCabe’s radar when he was at DIA? In 2014?
I'll add this: McCabe won't be prosecuted for anything -- and Flynn has pled guilty. Further down the thread, a liberal named Dana Smith Dutra chimed in (re: Flynn):
He’s afraid of lots. Like his Russian lover spy while he was DIA. Svetlana Lokhova
Very few are paying attention to the Lokhova angle. This humble blog took a hard look at her interactions with Flynn back in December. I do not believe that Lakhova and Flynn had a romantic relationship; however, there is more than one type of honeytrap. The Lokhova trail leads back to MI6 and Cambridge Analytica -- which has been banished from Facebook. Never thought I'd say this, but...bravo, Facebook!

Rachel Maddow made a good point:
If McCabe is right that these actions against him are intended discredit him as a corroborating witness for Comey’s account of his firing, then the invective and taunting by POTUS have a purpose: make sure McCabe will be seen as having good reason to hold a grudge vs POTUS.
The same logic applies to Comey and all the other corroborating witnesses. The more they’re mistreated (unjustly maligned, randomly demoted, etc) by POTUS, the more “biased” vs the President they will be made to seem.
Finally, let's end with a somewhat hopeful tweet from Andrea Mitchell...
One suggestion from a McCabe supporter: if a friendly member of Congress hired him for a week he could possibly qualify for pension benefits by extending his service the extra days
I think this all stems from Andrew McCabe's attempts to get out in front of leaks by the "Trumpland" FBI agents given to "America's Mayor",the repulsive Rudy Giuliani, about Hillary.
Those field agents know Trump's dirty laundry but still tried to derail the Clinton campaign. Begs the question as to who's pocket FBI agents working at the New York field office are in, Trump's or Putin's and why haven't we heard about Horowitz going after them?
I especially liked this comment McCabe made about his firing... second to last sentence of his statement;

"But it will not erase the important work I was privileged to be a part of, the results of which will in the end be revealed for the country to see."

"This is called lawsuit Exhibit A"

"I'm not quite sure what Bharara means by that..."

"McCabe has retained the ex-inspector general of the Justice department to represent him."

This is going to be one hell of a lawsuit!
Pretty sure you're wrong about the IG report being like the Nunes memo. It's more analogous to the FISA warrant i.e. the IG report is legitimate, but the Trumpers have twisted it to look corrupt. Remember, the IG report is looking at the entire FBI's conduct with Hillary's emails in October 2016 not just McCabe's actions to provide a pretext for firing him.

I'm almost as anxious to read the IG report as I am to read Mueller's report. Whatever your thoughts on all the actors involved, it's clear there are a ton of unanswered questions about the FBI in this time period and that virtually none of them have been answered in the public. My opinion? Call me naive and falsely optimistic, but I think the report will finally reveal that Comey (and it turns out McCabe) were blackmailed into releasing the letter. This is because the NY FBI field office was going to leak the existence of the emails anyway, and Comey would've inevitably had to confirm their existence. In this situation Comey decided they would do the least damage if he revealed their existence himself. Unfortunately, the damage was still catastrophic.

Holy s**t do we live in tumultuous times. And it's only going to get crazier.
Another article by Carole Cadwalladr: " The Cambridge Analytica Files:‘I created Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower". "Computer-based personality judgments are more accurate than those made by humans". This is so fucking evil! Moral: don't use Facebook. Don't ever use it. If you are using it, STOP and DELETE. Some of us always knew that shit was evil.

In other news, someone threw a potato through my window. Potatoes come from South America. All potatoes are "of a type" of vegetable developed in South America. So it must have been the Peruvian state. Just as in Salisbury, if the weapon used was "of a type developed" in the USSR in the 1970s, then it must have been "the Russian state".
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Friday, March 16, 2018

Is Trump worried about the 25th?

Looks like McMaster is out again. For a while, we heard rumors that his head was on the chopping block, then we got word that his head was safe. Now he's fired again, or very close to fired. For obvious reasons.

Same thing with John Kelly, who was set to exit today, but now may be back in Trump's good graces.

I can't find the link at this moment, but apparently a White House source told a CNN reporter to expect a big "season finale" soon. Even Trump jokes about the tumult.

Apparently, the big plan -- and I wish I were kidding -- is to to take out those who might possess any professional skills and replace them with Fox News hacks. Bill O'Reilly could be the new Chief of Staff.

Even by Trumpian standards, this situation is surreal.

Count me among those favoring the theory that this madness must be linked to the 25th Amendment. I think that Trump got wind of a plot.

Stormy times ahead. Michael Avenatti says that another six women have claimed relationships with Trump.
"We've been approached by six separate women who have claimed to have similar stories to that of my client," Michael Avenatti told CNN's "New Day" Friday morning. "Two of them -- at least two have (nondisclosure agreements). We're in the very early stages of vetting those stories."
But this development is of even greater importance:
The lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, the porn star suing President Donald Trump, claimed Friday that she has faced physical threats.

"My client was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about Donald Trump," Michael Avenatti told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day." He said more details would be forthcoming in Daniels' upcoming interview on CBS's "60 Minutes," which is scheduled to air later this month.
I've been saying it for a while. We are talking about mobsters here. They think like mobsters and they act like mobsters.

Take Steve Bannon, for example: He's a naturally combative fellow who clearly looks down on Trump. Yet Bannon stonewalled the House Intel Committee at some personal risk, refusing to answer questions or to say anything in public that might be construed as critical of Der Donald. We know from Sam Nunberg that Roger Stone now feels that Trump screwed him over -- yet Stone (usually a vindictive man) won't say one public word against Trump.

Why? The answer should be obvious.

And if it isn't obvious to you yet, run your eyeballs over this story.
Nikolai Glushkov: Russian exile murdered at London home by 'compression to neck', police say
An exiled Russian businessman associated with a leading critic of Vladimir Putin was murdered at his London home, police have revealed just days after a nerve agent attack on a former spy.
The bodies are piling up in the UK. Very soon, we'll see corpses here in the U.S. In fact, the stateside murders have already begun. Neo-Nazi thugs make excellent hit men: They are easy to manipulate and plausibly deniable.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see a hit against Stormy herself, or perhaps her lawyer. A really obvious gesture of that sort would send a message to others. (Of course, if Stormy sleeps with the fishes, Alex Jones will blame Hillary.)

That's the country in which we now live. That's what happens when mobsters take power.

Wealth and morals. This tweet from the 11th Hour offers a remarkable quote from Larry Kudlow:
Trump's new econ adviser Larry Kudlow: The wealthy "have no need to steal or engage in corruption" because "they know how to achieve goals and convince skeptics that good deals can be made to the benefit of both sides."
Dig it: It's not enough for the wealthy to have all the money; we must now pretend that they have all the morality as well. The French have a saying: There is no great wealth without a crime. Kudlow thinks that there is no crime among the wealthy -- that the wealthy, by definition, are incapable of corruption.

Ted Lieu responded:
Your statement below is really stupid. Here's some wealthy people who are convicted felons: Jeff Skilling, Enron Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco Bernie Ebbers, Worldcom Raj Rajaratnam, Galleon Group Sam Waksal, ImClone Martin Shkreli, Retrophin Bernie Madoff Get it?
I would add that those convictions occurred even though we live in a world in which the wealthy are the hardest to put behind bars, because wealth confers power and influence. The previous sentence used to be non-controversial, but Kudlow wants that idea to be considered Thoughtcrime Most Foul, at least when applied to any non-Democrat.

The most obvious disproof of Kudlow's ludicrous assertion would be the oligarch class in Russia. Who can say where the oligarchy ends and the mafia begins? Is there any dividing line at all?

The same can be said of the oligarchies in all other countries. For example, everyone knows that Dubai was built on slave labor. So, for that matter, was much of the United States. Slavery is always a crime -- perhaps the worst of crimes -- and slavery is more prevalent now than at any other time in the world's history. Do poor people buy slaves? No. Rich people commit that crime.

Can any honest and intelligent person look at our alleged president and not see a gangster and a conman? How much money has he laundered? How many investors has he defrauded? How many contractors has he stiffed? Did the naive rubes scammed by Trump University come away from their experience thinking that the wealthy have no need to steal?

Kudlow's statement represents the triumph of libertarian theology over reality. The man isn't stupid. He's corrupt. And in his desperation to get ahead, he's doing a deep-dish rim-job on people who are even more corrupt.
You should add a like article gadget to your page.
Larry Kudlow is a market fundamentalist and an economic extremist of the Far Right. He penned a book titled 'JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity'. This book proposes that President Kennedy was the forerunner of President Reagan. That President Kennedy rejected Keynesian capitalism and embraced the Austrian School variant of capitalism (deregulation, lower taxes, privatization, social Darwinism, the market is God, etc.). Kudlow's book complements Ira Stoll's book 'JFK, Conservative'. Stoll's book makes the case that JFK was socially and economically conservative (in fact, much more dramatically conservative than George Bush or his son, George Bush II) and that JFK governed like a Christian fundamentalist + Market fundamentalist.

I continue to maintain that Christianity is not compatible with nationalism (much less hypernationalism) or capitalism, but my view on this is held by perhaps no more than one dozen people on the Earth.

I still don't understand why JFK was murdered, nevermind who exactly murdered him. On the one hand, there is the Warren Commission, the official narrative. But I don't know why LHO would have murdered JFK. The only explanation I've seen put forward is that LHO didn't think there were enough night clubs in New Orleans and blamed this on JFK. As for the people who reject the Warren Commission, they don't shed any further light.

JFK was murdered by the Mossad for opposing Israel's nuclear program.
JFK was murdered for planning to disclose 'the truth' about UFOs.
JFK was murdered by Lyndon Johnson, who was singing 'I just can't wait to be king!".
JFK was murdered by any number of mob bosses because . . . . . .????

And the list goes on and on.

One plausible explanation for JFK's murder, if LHO is not to blame, is the issue of Congo and Cobalt. This Empire Files video here:
implies that JFK was murdered because he supported Congolese self-determination. Which cannot be allowed because the West relies upon Cobalt from the Congo. And now even China (the PRC) relies upon Congo for cobalt, which is to electric vehicles what petrol is to the carbon automobile.

I have three videos from Caspian Report that I think all of you (you too, Joe) should check out. These two concern the post-electoral changes that Putin is planning for Russia.

Russia's post-election economic reforms:
Russia's post election security reforms:

And this Caspian Report video is an excellent overview and review of 'The Red Web':

I've said this before and I'll continue to say it. The adversarial politics, chaos of democracy, widening laissez-faire economics, rampant and deepening privatization (of even intelligence agencies), strict and short term limits of office-holders (causing them to spend more than 50% of their time fundraising and being unable to accomplish any long-term goals), decentralization and federalism (even unitary states in Europe govern more like decentralized federations or even confederations), and other issues portend bad things for the US. The United States will not be able to combat the combined efforts of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China. If it was only one of them, Russia or China, then the possibility would exist. But not both of them. And certainly not with weak allies like Canada, UK, continental Europe, etc. All of whom are utterly dependent upon the US for security obligations and military deterrence.
It's mostly when the wealthy scam other wealthy people that they end up in prison.
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